Minutes + To-Do List from Friday’s meeting (03-02-12)

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Environmental Solidarity WG at OWS / 03-02-12 / Friday Meeting Minutes + To-Do List

Facilitator: Ken

Stack-taker: Tom

Note-taker: Russell

  1. The possibility of sharing meetings with Sustainability
    1. On Wednesday, Sustainability consensed to sharing one meeting with us (the coming Friday), so it’s on, and if it works we’ll continue it.
      1.                                       i.     This combines their get-dirty know-how with our political protest stance.
    2. Temperature check on keeping our Monday meetings (if we consense to share that Friday meeting with them right now)? Mostly twinkles
    3. Consensus reached to share that Friday meeting with them
      1.                                       i.     Pete yelps for joy.
    4. Sustainability did not indicate whether they would keep their Wednesday meeting.
  2. Eco-Cluster
    1. Three meetings a week is too many, and that is what we’re talking about if we keep the Monday meeting plus have a joint Friday meeting plus go to Cluster on the weekends.
    2. Pete: My proposal doesn’t technically/fully dissolve Cluster (anymore).  To see my proposal condensed/rephrased, see Sarah’s email and Tim’s email.
    3. Pete:  For Cluster tomorrow, we should define better what we want for Earth Day
      1.                                       i.     In the West Village around 10th St. by the High Line
      2.                                     ii.     I want answers to the questions of what we want to see, whom we want to invite, what we want to accomplish
        1. I think we should talk about this before we move on.
          1. Russell:  Then what are we going to talk about at 5:15 tomorrow at the planning meeting for Earth Day?  Either we bring it to Cluster or we do it in the planning meeting.
    4. Robert:  I have initiated eco-cluster.net
      1.                                       i.     Robert:  I will send out URLs to those things.
      2.                                     ii.     Robert:  That site will have calendars—2 calendars so that meetings and events are separate.
  3. Earth Month
    1. Ken:  One of the events ought to be a panel about Earth Day itself
    2. Pete:  In terms of events, one thing I’d like us to agree to is a teach-in on nuclear power and nuclear war (and the connections between the two) on March 31 as a collaboration of us the Anti-War WG, which wants to work with us.
    3. Tim:  Academy Country Music Awards are April 1—that’s the day I’ve scouted for our Gibson action.
      1.                                       i.     Maybe we give Gibson an “award” in front a Guitar Center.
        1. It’s April Fools’ Day
      2.                                     ii.     It it also the day Marvin Gaye was shot and killed, and that’s a connection to maybe use because he wrote a great song about ecology.
      3.                                    iii.     [Informal consensus:]  So, let’s both do something on March 31 and April 1
    4. Earth Day (April 22)
      1.                                       i.     Things we have to think about:
        1. banner
        2. speakers
        3. location
          1. Pete:  I recommend Union Square.  All twinkles.
    5. Tim:  Another Earth Month action I’d like to see is a “subway party” to protest the MTA use of tropical hardwoods as subway track ties.
      1.                                       i.     Tim:  Maybe the second week of April
      2.                                     ii.     Tim:  Subway parties are fun.  You move from car to car agitating and sharing information.
    6. Pete:  This is great that we’ve got a number of actions in the works.  Obviously, we want a “month of sustained action.”  Let’s put together a calendar of this stuff (at Cluster).  Let’s use each action to build momentum for Earth Day.
  4. March 11 Action NYC
    1. 1pm at Union Square, north side.  We don’t know if other things are going on at Union Square that day.
    2. our permit was denied by the police yesterday
    3. The Himalayas are coming (a band, to play an anti-nuke song famous in Japan).  They don’t need amplification.
    4. We’ll march up 5th Ave., staying on the sidewalk, to the Upper East Side, like 63rd St.
    5. Can we/Minori publicize that the permit was denied?  That might be good press.
      1.                                       i.     Tom:  Yeah, contact Norman Siegel and Joel Cupfulman
    6. Pete:  Not having amplification is not the worst thing in the world.  People’s mic will work.
    7. Tim:  Occupy WBAI is on Mon-Fri and that might be a good place to promote the event
    8. Minori is the media point person for the event.
  5. Banner for March 11
    1. [This discussion was long.]  Take-aways from this discussion:
      1.                                       i.     There will be a banner committee to make this banner by hand.  We will not “have it printed.”
      2.                                     ii.     The banner committee will have Russell for a point person and will meet right after this meeting.
      3.                                    iii.     The banner will be 12-ft long.
      4.                                    iv.     The banner will say, on three lines:
        1. Solidarity with Japan
        2. No Nukes — Renewables Now
        3. Occupy — [Occupy in Japanese]
  6. Project called Metro My Metro visits the meeting, gets a word in (off-agenda)
    1. [Forgot the dude’s name:]  Hi.  These two women are librarians and I have my librarian degree but don’t have a job.  We want to put our librarian know-how and resources to the use of OWS and its WGs.  If there are things in the movement/by the movement that need research, think of telling us and we’ll go to work on it.
      1.                                       i.     We’re going to be writing a paper afterwards, not just for us, but in a way that will probably be useful to you.
    2. Pete takes his card.
  7. Teach-In idea 1
    1. See 3b above; Pete got this in earlier in the meeting.  He’ll be point person for that.
  8. Teach-In idea 2
    1. Pete:  I have contacted Vandana Shiva
      1.                                       i.     Pete:  I would like her to do a teach-in at Liberty Square before she leaves town (She’s speaking in NY on the 22nd).
      2. Pete: she would pick a topic, and we would use it to build up to the day of action on March 24
      3. Tim:  Maybe she’d be right to participate in the discussion we’ve been having/wanting to have about Earth and socialism and capitalism or anthropocentrism and biocentrism.
        1.                                       i.     Pete:  I think that one should also be an event we do but that it should be a comradely debate.  With Vandana Shiva, I think we’re more like going to ask her to pick a specific topic among things she wants to talk about.
  9. Point of information:  The Catholic Worker is 36 east 1st St between 1st and 2nd Aves.
  10. That’s where Chris is
    1. Things we’re going to talk about next meeting:
      1. possibly going after the affinity project-specific funding
      2. Subway party/MTA action ideas
      3. possibly holding a debate about electoral politics and us and Occupy
        1.                                       i.     Also, information sharing on: Where do the two parties (especially the Democratic Party) stand on the major environmental issues?
    2. platform/statement of principles for this WG
  11. Announcements
    1. Ken:  This Tuesday (March 6) my radio show is going to be on the anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster (WBAI)
    2. Tom:  We’re having an event with the delegation from Japan. sunday at 5pm
      1.                                       i.     Tom:  Does anybody have a car here?  We need help to pick up the delegation from the airport.
    3. Donna:  The Strike Anywhere theater group is performing Same River (a play about fracking) at the Irondale Center.  Tonight and tomorrow night are the last performances.  It’s in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.
    4. Pete:  Reminder: tomorrow is Cluster at 4pm and planning meeting at 5:15pm.  Also, our Monday meeting will be at 6pm.


To-do list (where possible, with a reference number to where this came up in the minutes)


  • ALL will check out eco-cluster.net; Robert will send the URLs to the calendars (2di)
  • The whole WG will acknowledge the list of a few things we want to talk about next meeting (10)
  • Minori will look into publicizing the fact that our action did not get a police permit, as a freedom of speech issue (ACLU, the two men mentioned by Tom, etc.) (4e)
  • A new banner committee will make a banner for March 11 Action NY (5a)

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