Minutes + To-Do List from Friday’s Meeting (02-10-12)

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Environmentalist Solidarity WG at OWS / 02-10-12 / Friday Meeting Minutes + To-Do List

Facilitation: Pete

Minutes: Russell

  1. Introductions
  2. March 11 Action NY (against nuclear power, etc.)
    1. Minori:  1pm at Union Square for the rally.  The rally will maybe last an hour.  After which, we are in discussions to try to march to the Japanese consulate.  The reason it’s not part of the official plan yet is that that would be a 2-hour march, so we’re trying to think of ways to make it work.  I will keep this WG informed about the plan and whether the consulate part will happen.

——-a woman named Trish interrupts to tell us about her emergency problem, and we listen—–

Trish:  I am an admin of the NYCGA Council, which is an OWS WG, and we are being locked out of nycga.net.  Tech Ops targeted me and, as an administrator of our page on the GA site, I can’t make any changes because I can’t get into my login.  This is an emergency.  It could happen to your WG.  Tech Ops is abusing and making a show of their power.

—————————————–back to being on-agenda:———————————————

  1. Minori:  The most important thing you can do is spread the word.
    1.                                       i.     We’re going to do outreach at Occupy Town Square tomorrow (which is from 1-7pm at W 86th presbyterisan church).  Tom will be there for this WG, and Stacey will help as well (she’ll be at an Occupy Town Squares info table).
    2. Pete:  A couple of our ideas are still on the table.  Maybe we all buy pseudo-hazmat suits.  Maybe we could make a banner just from / for our WG for that action.
  2. Valentine’s Day action against BofA THIS TUESDAY
    1. Our action will have a permit.  Eco worked hard to see to that.  Permit expires at 5pm.
    2. Ken:  The Raging Grannies will be there and have written a song specially for it.
    3. Going through the “roles” in a direct action that Luna wrote up, to see that our bases were covered:
      1.                                       i.     Things we’ve got covered or are addressing right now:
        1. Number 1—press release (done)
        2. Number 2—media liaison (Eco and Pete)
        3. Number 4—legal observers.  We are trying to have our friend Joel there.  If that falls through, Pete will contact the NLG.  The NLG # is 212-679-6018.
        4. Number 7­—outreach.  Johanna will produce a fact sheet to hand out at the event.  She’ll do this by simply re-arranging the thing we already have.
        5. Number 8—street medics.  Johanna will email some OWS medics she knows to give them the word and tell them that if they can come out that would be great.  Stacey might see some tomorrow too.
        6.                                     ii.     Things we’re going to look at on Monday
          1. Number 3—police liaison
          2. Number 6—chant leaders (we need the chants themselves)
        7.                                    iii.     Things we’re not going to worry about
          1. Number 5—photographers
          2. Number 9—legal/jail support
    4. Right now there are three ideas about how we might deliver the valentines.
      1.                                       i.     dumping them on the ground in a BofA branch
      2.                                     ii.     make the dump with the manager, after a few of us go in and request to see the manager
      3.                                    iii.     each of us take our valentine and lineup at the teller lines and deliver the valentines to the tellers
        1. [A couple of people:]  That sounds like an arrestable offense.  Not because it’s extreme or anything, but because right now the police crackdown inthe banks on OWS protesters is quick- and heavy-handed.
          1. We should ask Joel about this.
    5. The valentines themselves will get made on that day before 4pm, and also on Monday if we want.
    6. Pete and Eco will plot out the route of the march (and which BofA branch, etc.).
    7. How much media will be there?
      1.                                       i.     We don’t know.  We could “be our own media.”  But of course, that changes the look of the whole action.
      2.                                     ii.     Stacey will ask the livestream people for us about the possibility of having our event be livestreamed.
    8. Robert:  Can we find blue roses?
    9. [Informal consensus:]  Wear blue = optional
  3. Cluster meeting tomorrow
    1. Robert:  I’d be surprised if any structure proposal gets decided upon tomorrow.
    2. Ken:  My fear is that the whole meeting will be about structure (that is, arguing about how to structure the Cluster—basically, its bylaws) and not a single environmental thing will be said in two hours.
    3. Russell L. will present on/announce the Valentine’s Day action for this WG at Cluster.
  4. Geo-engineering
    1. Robert:  There is an upcoming event on geo-engineering and there was a tiny bit of chatter over the Google Group about it.  See the Google Group email with the event details.
  5. Announcements
    1. Russell M.:  350.org and its allies are in a scramble right now to fight an upcoming Senate vote that would force the initiation of the KXL pipeline without Presidential approval.  Chuck Schumer is a swing vote.  We need to pressure him—rapid-response-style.  An action at his office is probably what’s needed.  The vote could be as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday.
      1.                                       i.     Russell M.:  Is anyone interested in helping me directly with this?  [Max and Russell L. and a couple others volunteer]
    2. Russell M.:  The proposed pipeline in Puerto Rico is another thing to get the word out about.  I will send info/update out on the Google Group, which I need to get on.
    3. Ken:  My show on the 21st will be a two-hour show on fracking.  Also check out my next show.
    4. Robert:  Occupy Café is doing a thing on Occupy Earth Summit.  Check that out; Monday, from 11-1pm.
    5. Russell L.:  The radical reading group will be reading Fred Magdoff and John Bellamy Foster’s What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know about Capitalism.  The first discussion will be a week from Monday (February 20).  If you want in, get the book and make sure you have read the first chapter by then.  I will put that out on the Google Group too.


To-do list (where possible, with a reference number to where this came up in the minutes)


  • ALL will keep in mind that Ken has a connection (perhaps obviously) to the news dept at WBAI (and they look for things to tell about), so if you have anything that you want to get press on in that way, let him know the details.  In this vein, Pete will get Ken the press release on our action on Tuesday.
  • ALL will try to think of protest chants for Tuesday (3cii2)
  • ALL will spread the word re. the March 11 NYC action against nuclear power, etc. (2b)
  • Pete will ask Joel about our valentines-in-a-teller-line delivery plan and whether or not it would get us arrested (3diii1a)
  • Pete and Eco will plot out the route of the march (and which BofA branch, etc.) (3f)
  • Stacey will contact livestream people for the WG to see if they can be there on Tuesday (3gii)
  • Russell M. will get on the Google Group and share with us new info about KXL and the Puerto Rico pipeline (6a, 6b)
  • Russell L. will explain over the Google Group that the radical reading group is starting back up and that we are having our first discussion a week from Monday (6e)
  • The whole WG will be aware of the fact that—and, kind of, think of solutions to the minor problem that—the NYCGA site reads our WG name properly but the URLs still have “environmentalist solidarity” in them.
  • The whole WG will do further planning for the V-Day action on Monday.  See above. (3cii)
  • The whole WG will bear in mind the upcoming geoengineering event (5a)

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