Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops Working Group 11/13/2011

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-Moratorium on new ideas unless the proposer is willing to bottom line it

* Charles will b-l refusals :)


Report Backs

 NYCGA homepage wireframes

– in process; multiple iterations

– soliciting comment on content, structure and timeline

– meeting to discuss UX in more depth; incl. – outward facing site

– forum posts for people to get involved


Google Apps

– launched on Thurs/Fri

– roll out: replace email forwarding for NYCGA groups

– 25 of the 45 total Apps accounts have been activated

– trainings with Outreach and Kitchen


Occupy Map

– geospatial data visualization tool.

– #occupymap hashtag feeds into map

– mobile apps can fed into it

– needs more promotion

– Issues for discussion:

event specific vs. covering the whole moment

lots of apps to pull and push data

– collecting geo-tagged tweets

– “occupation research” on tweets


Tech Call

– Nashville has spare developers

– Atlanta can host conference calls

– Austin is developing DRONES

next meeting is being scheduled; on the wiki/meetings



– Bringing together Info, media, etc. groups

– Monday 2pm meeting: Helping Info use to get the word out about their internal communications

– training is important so people know how to use the existing tools


Issac, FreeNetwork Foundation

– civil suit regarding destruction of original Freedom Tower

– Tuesday- building new tower: contact info to Issac

– FNF tools: working instances of RedMine, Chili, BetterMeans and Etherpad


Project team documentation

– fill out and update google doc with who is doing what (not what you want to help with)

– Patricia will bottomline re-structuring the wiki to reflect this document

– engagement protocols: what does a project need to have to get moving?


Project Management 

– a bunch of tools: put those in the wiki too.

– Dana will list out the resources for PM available in the forum


Budget/Finance Mtg

– costs: hosting, email, SMS gateway, FCC charge on GSM system, SSL certificates, Domain registration, equipment, transportation (metrocard, bike repair), etc.

– Ravi will bottom line putting the budget together if people will get her the numbers

Ted and Tom- hosting needs and costs- all self hosters should contact

SSL, Sendgrid- Patricia


Shared email

* Totally didn’t understand any of this  so whoever was in the breakout group please add stuff in


Mass emails

Issues: mass emails become representative of the movement so be careful; power gets imputed onto larger lists

Basic principles: WGs get 5 lists; 3 larger lists affiliated with WGs on behalf of community- local info (outreach) national list (mvt building) interoccupation communication (inter-oc); Consensus on editorial, frequency, etc.; effective campaign emails even if we aren’t campaigning on specific issue. GA and Spokes can also access those 3 lists.

Please consider and we will discuss next meeting


CiviCRM Training tmw 4-6pm, 50 Bway


Assigning emails, apps etc to groups as they emerge (Drew, Jake will draft ideas and bring to group)


Relationship between Tech ops, IWG, etc.

– consistency in name: Technology Operations Group

– next steps about consolidation next meeting

– Devin will make a thing on the wiki


Digital Strategy

– clarity of site purpose

– wiki document:


Drew going mobile

– will off load all his contacts

– Drew is open  to having people shadow him to take on his responsibilities

– brainstorm the tool kit for Drew to share

– interview people for FGA

–  come program with us! + Livestream = happiness

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