Minutes (taken by Chris) from Friday Meeting (02-24-12)

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Notes to Environmental Solidarity Working Group Meeting Friday Feb 24, 2012



1)     Fukushima Anniversary

2)     Anti-Fracking Rally Saturday

3)     Eco-cluster

4)     Looking beyond the Fukushima Anniversary to what’s the next steps

5)     Announcements


1)     www.311newyork.wordpress.com has flyers for the demo on 3/11/12.  We should try and have banners representing OWS and connected to Fukushima/anti-nukes. 1pm union square (north side) and marching to UES trying to go to Japanese Consulate.


(ii) March 4th meeting at Riverside Church, 5pm.  Meeting with activists and a nuclear worker from Fukushima, Japan.


Possible meeting with Saburo from Japan, one of the first responders/government workers.  Monday 5th in the AM.  If you’re available, speak with Peter.


Banner Making: Can we make a banner in Japanese and English for March 11: “Solidarity with the People of Japan.  No Nukes!”  Also can we make a more general banner with something like “System Change Not Climate Change”.  All banners to have our twitter feed and ES-WG @ OWS on them.  Possibly along with something about 1% vs. 99%.

“Nuclear 4 the 1%. Renewable 4 the 99%” – less support for this idea.

“No Nukes! 100% Renewable for Life!”

“Solidarity with the People of Japan” No More Nukes!  OCCUPY!

“We’ve got nuclear for the 1%.  Let’s have renewable for all!”

Big Apple printers could be a good location.

The slogan below received a consensus for the banner:

*Solidarity with the People of Japan.  No  Nukes!  Renewables Now!*   OCCUPY!

Speak with Minori to have it bilingual.

+ our twitter feed below if it fits.

Big Apple Printers should be able to make up a banner.

2)     Anti-fracking rally tomorrow announcement – several people going.


3)     Eco-Cluster. 5:30 tomorrow.  Report back: laid down a foundation for how the cluster will run.  E-C cannot make decisions.  Groups go there with ideas.  But there are decisions taken on how time will be allotted.  So for example this coming Saturday an hour will be taken talking about Earth Day/Earth Month.  99 For Earth are mobilizing for Feb 24, though that group hasn’t attended E-C yet.  Meetings are disorganized with time and space needing to be set in advance so that they can be publicized. Is this just one more group/meeting?  There is a space for report backs and to let people know about upcoming actions.  Why break off into different groups when the whole point was to come together and work collectively on environmental issues that everyone is concerned with?

We need to inject a sense of urgency in to the proceedings of the E-C with regard to what the 1% are doing to the planet.

4)     A) Go to the Left Forum!  Weekend of March 17 at Pace University.

B) A Joint teach-in with anti-war working group on nuclear power/nuclear weapons.  With possible film showing.  For a tentative date of March 31/April 1.

5) Announcements:

1. Will we be at Occupy Town Square this Sunday?  Tomkins Sq Park (1-7pm)

2.  Eco-Logic – last radio show with Donna and Peter is now online.  Go Donna and Pete!  March 6th there will be another show focused on nuclear power and fracking with Minori and Chris W.

3. Green jobs and ReNewNY will be holding events in the summer.  See Donna for more details.

4. Planet Over Profit – Tues Feb 28th meeting of the ISO at The Commons, 7pm with Chris Williams.  All welcome!

5. March 22nd ReNew NY will be holding their 3rd meeting on turning algae into biofuel.

6. March 23rd NY Friends of Clearwater have a speaker on the energy of the future.

Meeting adjourned!

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