Minutes Politics & Electoral Reform Group meeting 12/11 3PM

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Sam acted as facilitator.

Subject:  Proposal & Process

Chris  Sponsorship for the Media,  Insider Trading,  Working Group Expenditures & Finance

Jared  report back – People Before Parties – passed last nite at SEC

1/20 Move to Amend Citizens United – Occupy Federal Courts across the country

1/21  Target Corporate Outlets – call city councilpersons – a number of cities, ie. Boulder, passed legislation overturning corp. personhood

send sticky thread to Political and Electoral Reform

Chris – Proposal – support passage of the Stock Act to overturn the insider trading exemption that members of Congress enjoy

bill was sidelined by Eric Cantor

Occupy should distribute a statement and have a massive phone campaign to promote passage of the Stock Act.  We should get othet like minded groups to participate ie. Move On, Pink etc

1.  pass the Stock Act (sponsored by Gillibrand)

2.  track current investments by legislators

3.  have SEC oversight

4. Force recusal if they are invested in a corp that is the subject of legislation or procurement

J Sultzberger  Congress is open to citizens speaking to them – to make a formal statement    60 Minutes expose & investigation.  We should expand the             investigation

Mike  give legislators $1.5M after they leave office & subtract what they earn from this amount – to discourage them from running for a second term and discourage them from working for a corp that does business with the govt.

John Reynolds commodities futures,TARP, Glass Steagall

John Derek Nouvelle  Bloomber… not on point

TJ   How to come up with procedures?    What is a quorum?   reflect to come to consensus.

facilitators rotate     minutes are posted

Alexa   Who would certify the number of people?    What is the protocol to ID who is actually on line?

Vote taken that decided to count number of people in attendance

at the group meeting several times during the meeting

There were at first 15, then 21, and at the end 17 people in attendance.

Green party 12/13 6-9pm at Revival 29 E 15 St

Speak Social Justice Commission Q&A tomorrow night Riverside Church 122 & Claremont

Tim  keep up the good work


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