Minutes Political Action meeting March 9, 20012

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Meeting 3/9/12.  In attendance: Matt H., Stuart L., Diane M., Aaron B., Kelley, Yoske, Sean K., Cynthia P., Johanna F., Noz.

Matt suggested that in the future we consider meeting at Liberty Square when the weather allows.

Matt is working on a proposal regarding voter registration, not a drive, but something that will express dissatisfaction with the current process, register as independent of nothing.

Aaron:  Action outside of Romney Fundraiser, Rally 1% for Romney. This Wednesday March 14.

Johanna Fernandez: April 24 event, Occupy the Justice Department.  On Board all ready NLG, Occupy Philadelphia. Solidarity consensus. We will work to present proposal to ask for solidarity at Tuesday’s GA.

Noz:  Once a week call your fed reps to express outrage over the new laws and bills that are stripping our rights.

Kelley: He is from Occupy Worchester MA. He is a student at Clark University. He is working on a project gathering info re occupy movements, people can volunteer to participate in project.

Stuart:  April 17 – Tax Day Action. He is working on this project. An idea to use social media to reach out to the 99% to do an action wherever they are, do from home. Signs on lawn or in windows: “I paid my taxes but GE paid nothing” like a madlib.





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