Minutes Political Action Meeting March 16

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Minutes Political Action Meeting March 16

In attendance: Connie, Sean K., Ian W., Diane M., Stuart L., Matt H. Iliana, Shen, Yoni M.

Iliana’s Proposal: She has been working with Occupy Albany, Occupy Syracuse, Occupy Rochester, Politics and Electoral Reform, End Corp Personhood.

Working on a clean elections bill and creating a voting block asking candidates to support campaign finance reform and amendment to end corp personhood.  Concern was brought up that with this there would still be private funding, most agreed that we would prefer to shoot for the sky and end private funding completely.

Iliana is working on a draft that she will put up on NYC GA working group site.

Stuart: Tax day event. Action to do from home. Social media, make it go viral. The message will be tax inequality. Facebook, Tumblr.

April 24: Occupy the Justice Department proposal got consensus.

March 17: Red thing 12:30.

Yoni:  99% platform. People locally running for office.  Meeting coming up on Thursday eve. He will keep us informed.

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