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Minutes / Dec. 18 / OWS Archives / Occupied Office



  1. Check-ins
  2. Accounting Point Person
  3. Occupied Office Point Person/Keyholder
  4. Budget / Tamiment Discussion
  5. Collection Call / Oral History
  6. Processing Day


Jez: D17 was pretty good. The archival actions that occurred was that Serita took a bunch of great posters and took them to my space. Worst case scenario is that we could keep physical archives at this space at Spring Street. There would be stuff to work out w/r/t keys and stuff. I think we collected 30-some items. Also, there’s this guy, Zak, who is doing Operation Occupation and stopping along the way to each occupation. He has notes gathered from people from occupation to occupation. He is really reluctant to give it away at all because he sees that he’s carrying the responsibility of keeping it. He wants something that would be controlled access in some way, which SIS is not right now. I told him that I might be able to keep it at my space, too. He wants to collect things for the Archives, or some project of that sort, and he’d like support.

Amy: Oh, point of information. There’s this guy, Tommy Fox, who took that Egyptian flag that was signed by a lot of people. A reporter said that she checked with Smithsonian and they said that they don’t know who he is, so maybe watch out for him.


James: We need to pick a few point people for Accounting, and first we need to go over the What Can We NOT Spend Money On handout.

[Samara reads handout out loud]

James: Accounting has office hours in the Occupied Office, so if we need to get money, give receipts back, or have any general questions, feel more than free to go up to Accounting at the Occupied Office. I’m fine with being one of the point people. Anyone else want to be one?

Jez: I will!

James: OK, so do we have consensus on me and Jez?

[consensus reached]

OCCUPIED OFFICE Point People / Key-holders: James and Christine, and part-time Point Person is Amy Roberts.

James: Basically, key-holders will have access to the Occupied Office key-code. ┬áThis is the office’s way of making sure that there is truer 24-hr access, and working group members can coordinate via key-holders to work later hours– it’d just be a matter of coordinating with me or Christine. Is everyone good with us as key-holders and Amy as part-time point person?

[consensus reached]


Amy: Maybe we should talk about putting archival materials at Tamiment. Maybe let Michael talk about it?

Michael Nash: We could provide a stockpile of materials and staffing. We also have recording devices and other stuff like that. That’s all relatively easy for us.

Jez: There have been a lot of developments since the raid that raise questions about storing archives. We might be losing access to the place where we have it now. We have to talk about what the relationship is between OWS and the outside institution that will be preserving this stuff.

Samara: Has there been any discussion about donor releases?

Serita: How much opportunity would people in OWS Archives have to help out there?

Michael Nash: Basically, as much as you want. We could work something out. The limits are 10-6pm weekdays, till 5pm Saturdays. Access usually needs to be within those hours. Amy and I were talking about it, and I think we could be more flexible. But basically, yeah, in terms of working, it would have to be within the hours we’re open.

Samara: We would like the collection as public as possible. If we are creating a digital archive, it would be great to have full public access.

James: What about taking stuff out?

Michael: We can work that into the agreement.

Amy: I’m a little concerned about stuff that we pick up after open hours at Tamiment.

Jez: The storage space I have is pretty small and costs about $170/mo, and OWS Archives could get a similar space, set up access, and drop things off that they collect.

Amy: For days of action, it would be nice to drop stuff off in the Occupied Office.

Christine: I can talk to Occupied Office about having a bit of extra space after days of action.

Christine: How sson could we start this Tamiment/Archives partnership going?

Michael Nash: Probably January 3rd/4th?

James: I’m still working on getting a possible space in Brooklyn Heights.

Anna: I think we should get started on getting an agreement started up.

Michael: I think that’s a great idea, since we’re already seeing that there might be problems with signatures, etc. We should work something out in writing, even if something can’t be signed legally at this point. I certainly agree with that. We have a standard agreement I could send you, tomorrow. It’s not going to address a lot of the stuff we’re talking about, but it’s a good starting point.

Samara: It seems like we’ve pretty much reached an agreement to keep oral histories at Tamiment. Would it be OK to take temperature check on whether we’re all agreed on w/r/t oral history/OWS?

[consensus reached; we’re all OK to have oral history from OWS work with Tamiment]

[Processing Day pushed to next meeting]

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