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In Attendance:
1. Budget Proposal
2. Discussion of Tamiment Library & Institutional Relationships
3. Upcoming Open Forum
4. Press Relations

Budget Proposal

Jez: What happens if we don’t pass the budget at Spokes Council?

Anna: I’ve made a spreadsheet with 3 scenarios for the budget, for different items we could remove from the budget if people don’t want to give us money for them.

Amy: Items under $100 can be bought with our daily budget and shouldn’t on this operational budget at all. It looks bad.

Dennis: Couldn’t we just work it out in the room at Spokes Council?

Shawn: That would be very time consuming, and turn people off to us as proposers. A good proposal is worked out beforehand.

Anna: Money is going to dry up soon. We can’t rely on the per diem budget.

[Jez wants to have a conversation about what will happen if the budget doesn’t pass. Temp check is not good. Moving back to stack.]

Amy: Yes, it’s important to recognize that money may dry up soon, and that the budget may indeed not pass, but neither of those things have happened yet – we need to be concentrating on what we can do now.

Shawn: I agree – it’s important to be using that $100 per day.  To clarify, it’s not a “per diem”, but rather a reimbursement of expenses for up to $100 for each day.  Every day that goes by and we’re not spending money, that’s lost.  And with regards to the General Fund, it makes no difference the money comes from a GA proposal or from daily reimbursements.  Exactly the same process.

Anna: We can’t buy the things we need locally, we need to order them online, and if we order just a little bit every day, we’re going to be spending a lot more than we need to on shipping costs.  We should place one large order for everything we need, to save money and get a discounted rate.

Michael: I don’t think the discount or buying larger amounts would be all that much.  If, however, the group came to an agreement with Tamiment Library, then they would provide all the materials we would need…

Cynthia: We should be going cheaper on some of these “extravagant”-seeming items, like camera, scanner… Also, we should be doing fundraising!

Anna: There are certain rules around individual Working Groups doing their own fundraising? Do you need to have an Affinity Group? Not sure…

Cynthia: We should do fundraising with individual sympathetic archivisits, like Desk Set.

Amy: I talked to the Occupy Boston archivists, they said we should in the short term (immediately) just get the cheapest possible materials and keep collecting.

Michael: Difference in short term vs. long term damage.  You can get materials at an art store or Staples, however this is labor intensive.

Shawn: Can we go back to the agenda point which is the Budget, and maybe go through it line by line?


First Item: Manhattan Mini Storage: $1,796.03 for six months of private storage

Discussion on whether six months from now, we’ll have the money to continue paying for space.

This would be an interim space, perhaps things would eventually go to Tamiment Library?

After much discussion, Storage was passed.


Scanner: Debated, but passed

Netbook: Debated, but passed,

Hard Drives: Passed

Camera: Not passed; Concerns about extravagance, decided to keep the budget to essential items first, get other things later.

Tripod: Not passed

Jump Drives: Not passed (could buy with daily budget)

Archival Boxes: $360 passed as an initial assessment


Who will present the budget at Spokes Council?

Amy, Anna & Christine


Discussion on Tamiment Library & Institutional Relationships

Michael: Tamiment Library has a long history of active Left movements donating their archival materials to them, probably the only game in town, except for maybe Columbia.

Jez: We have to think about ourselves having the ‘privilege’ of telling the definitive story of Occupy Wall Street. There are other institutions and people collecting right now, and they also provide points of view.

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