Minutes, Outreach meeting [8 Nov 2011]

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– Introductions:

– Subgroups report backs:

– GA outreach:  been going up to the other GA’s, been to West
Harlem, Bronx,

– Canvassing: tomorrow a group is going out to lower east side to take
around ‘we support OCW’ signs, and chris is taking folks out this weekend.
Talk to canvassing team about this

– Printing: need folks to help with this!

– Communications: starting this week we are going to have outreach phone
number, be answering service telling you impo info,

– Intake:  orientation guide is almost ready, orientations will start 5:00
pm, and Saut and Sun 11am and 5pm/  On Thursday would like to be vol to go
to other work groups to get others to be trainers as well.

– Anncouments:

– On thurs is the Day of Action teach in at 12:30and then to BK and tour of
local women of color group at 2pm.  Fliers available

– Occupy Your Block in Broolyn at Bourgou Hall Saturday and Sunday – teach
ins, GA’s and small local organizations getting together.  Fliers available

– St. Island is having Occupy your Ferry: Saturday folks from Wall ST. are
going to island to meet the folks in Staten at Bourgough Hall – are having
a community meeting, and then coming back across to Liberty. On Sunday
people are going to meet in St. Island Mall to talk about GA

– Sautday Hudon River Valley chapter of Earth First is having a teach in
one hour north, part of Occupy Your Block.

– Urooj is working on getting together a dinner with clergy, multi faith,
needs other contacts and if you would like to help, the event will be Nov 30

– Peg – thanksgiving plans, slogan is thanksgiving on wallstreet is as
American as occupy, theme is to share and thanks OWS for all hard work,
special meal on thanksgiving or day before, want to invite all to
celebrate, want to collaborate w local groups to put it together. Wants to
coordinate w volunteers.

– 11/11/11 will now be taking place in Washingto Sq. Park

– BIG outreach meeting on Thursday at 6:00pm.  Please come – strategizing
and planning.

– Sub group is forming to work w education and empowerment on Teach-Ins
cirriculm for unions, cbo’s etc…


– Website:  Occupy Your Block.org website is almost done.  Will be done in
the next couple days.

– GA:  how do we outreach towards local GA”s – Sumumba has been outreaching
towards this.  Need to make sure an Outreach person is always present.

– Direction Action: want to work on how to work together on how email blast
to more people. Outreach is working on this.

– Other items:  Representative of a a Hoursing Group here to say that
neighborhood groups are here to show that they are in align with OWS.  They
want to organize with us and learn about what is going on but they are
traidiotnal organizers that do not know how to connect with OWS. He is form
ANHD.   Can do OYB teach-in.  Has report that talks about state of banking
of, affordable housing.



– Natalie – needs volunteers to show up thursday 12:30 pm,  Julien will
give fliers to Stephen

– POC is doing OYB day of action, encourage folks to go to Woodlawn at 1:00
at Woodlawn Sq.  / And then Occupy 477 w Occupy Harlem Lunch and
disccusion, and then in evening their will be a talk about racial justice –
need outreach materials to give out at teach-in

– Amnity is working on the google map, anyone can add event to this.

– Need point person as liason between local GA’s and OYB to show we are
working togher

*Open Item:  *

– Need Thur volunteer for the 12:30  for FURREE

– send all facebook links to OccupyYourBl@gmail.com and we will send
those on to Justin M.

– Julien send Google Doc to POC crew, send everything to

– on back of fluer put the the basic info by bourgough.  Time and location.
And address.  And then direct people to website.

– Earth First event Sat:

– send this to OYB list

– draft email to entire list looking for cvolunteers, call to other working

*- Vision for OYB – to be continued at Thur meeting*

–  could be like fashionnightsout.org

– it is a model of a relationship between orgs and OWS.

–  this is reinvorgorating the work that people have already done, know
their can be conversations between orgs

– a way to express in real identifiable way between orgs and ows, showing
of solidarity

– great way for groups to get alignsed

*How to get involved /  What is our ‘ask’ in teach-ins *

– 99% and 1% and brainstorm about this

– for unions: organizing 101 training, need to go in to give
them resources to talk to shops!  That is step one, step two is to plan
another meeting

– go to organizing trainings

– novemeber 17th

– do you want to learn to talk to others about ows

– plan another event in your neighborhood

– come to an actions

– organizing dinner

– faciltiation training

– training for teachers

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