Minutes, Outreach meeting [28 Nov 2011]

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>> Agenda Setting and Annoucements:
>> – Orientation working with outreach to reestablish bigger prescence in the park – having orientation meeting in the park.    Will work with Outreach and Info to get this done

>> – Heather is interested in going into a specific community and working in there to figure out what is important to them.   Intersted in bottom-up organizer training.  We all need more training.  Fosters great conversation, interested in working on this throughout the winter.
>> – Michael:  OYB is an iniative of outreach to work with local community organizations to integrate in more with local communities. Explains Brooklyn Occupy Block event.   Was general success.  Want to keep it going.
>> – In Bed-Stuy they are working to restore a local art gallery, and garden spaces.
>> – Heather mentions building relationships would be more of the long term.
>> – Amnity:  this sounds more like a local GA

>> – Susan the Volunteer Coordinator – has written a book on how to be a volunteer full time, we know how to organize these resources. She provides training etc…..
>> – Expereinces from Bed Stuy is that some people come from the GA”s and they don’t feel they have a way to plug in.
>> – Heather:  need other way for folks to plug into outside of GA’s.

>> Teach-Ins
>> – Alexandra:  project to do teach-ins with high schoolers, teach the teachers, going to the PTA to teach the parents. PTA in new york are very politically active.  Alexandra drafted a missions statement.
>> – Julien:  there is a meeting tomorrow at 6pm at 50 Broadway to plan more for teachings

>> Occupy Your Block
>> – December 14th at 7pm at Slave theater is a community organization workshop, asking for working groups to send two delegates, and also spokers person, this is a huge teachin.  The person heading this up is Wrinkly Cousin ( wrote book Color Lines ), lanning meeting is wed at 6pm at 60 Wall Street.  Email is occupyyourbl@gmail.com

>> 99% Gazette
>> – Michael:  come up with News Digetst after online conversation hearing that messaging has drifted off of the the key points of OWS. So idea is to cover inequality and social justice issues and on back half would have desrpition of events coming up and also ways to get plugged in.  Would be distributed in subways. Looking for feedback on content, titles, whole process etc….

>> – December 6th
>> – Block party out in east new york, with ows and union folks, SIS is giving away stock.  Going to rent a moon walk, first real attempt to have big ‘occupation’ in not predominantly white neighborhood, DA and Outreach and Labor is planning this.  Bunch of meetings coming up this week about it, details forthcoming.
>> – Point of this is to create an ongoing dialogue between OWS and communities.
>> – Goal of OYB is to have many events planned with community organizations and to have singular events all the time to generate a momentum to keep OYB growing

>> Small Business and Postering
>> – She has been canvassing with 99% posters, some people have been reluctant bc it is about you supporting us, she likes idea of stikers and is about supporting small business, something like ‘shop small.’ A positive message. Needs someone to come up with design, graphic etc..
>> – Amnity is coming tomorrow with big sticker proposal.   Has printing budget that we could use.

>>   Movement Building / Outreach Cluster
>> – Sumumba: has been in movement bulding group, and talking about how to get us closer, talk about messaging, the speakers outreach, being in close collaboration with.
>> – Julien:  movement building meeting to talk about Dec 18th Visionsing session with local GA’s tomorrow at 5:30

>> Susan Angus:
>> – Director of Commision on Volunteer Service and Action. Has been writing “invest yourselfg’ borshure since 60’s to encourage folks to plug into social justice causes.  Idea is to stenghten grassroots orgs that are not dependent on federal funding.  Some groups are service oriented, some are direct action etc..These groups now that the system is the problem and these groups need more people and the OWS movement needs to multiply.   Next issue of Invest Yourself is to be dedicated to reassurgance of the movement.  Campaign of fulltime colunteer service, would like to get copies of group to all Occupy movements in country, and help in preparing this next book, and use resrouces through Occupy movement to promote fulltime volunteer opportunities.   How can we do this?

>> – December 3rd:
>> – CBO’s on housing wanted to do a visible action with OWS – this is r3 – they are doing a teachin of December 3rd, is this Saturday action in park make sense.  OR shold this energy go into another OWS action?
>> – What does it look like?  Probably 2 hours the first hour would be community mebers talking about bank reinvestment issues, foreclosures etc…the second would be a teach-in with housing folks
>> – Evangelina:  would love to see another dem at the park but doesn’t know what to say about if we can set up tables etc…
>> – Stephen: what about combining this with the Dec 6th.
>> – Ryan: if you are not setting anything up you will be fine in the park
>> – Dec is the Universal Human Rights day – clergy is doing event at Zucottii this day ( think it is at Zucottii )
>> – Park now is an example of the things that is wrong with society, so we need to get the people to the park and not be put off by mistreatment of the police
>> – Message is that the movement is still going…
>> – Does outreach have viable listerv? Saturday would be a good day.

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