Minutes, Outreach meeting [21 Sep 2011]

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Outreach Committee Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2011 6:00 PM

Zucotti Park


The meeting commenced at approximately 6:00 PM and was called to order by Nahlini.

The first order of business was introductions and additions to the meeting agenda.

There was an announcement made that the solidarity committee would meet Friday at 2:30 PM

Nahlini recapped the business conducted at the prior meeting noting that we previously discussed the content of flyers and possible geographic locations for flyer distribution.  It was noted that subway hubs would be important to canvas and that canvassers should flyer and talk in the subway while on the way to the subway hub.  Coordination will be needed so that we do not have too many people at the same subway hubs..

It also was announced that there was a supply of wheat paste on site that could be used for guerilla leafleting.

Labor committee meets on Friday, September 23 at 6PM.

It was noted that there is word that groups are coming to join us from Wisconsin and Canada and that we should publicize this development in our outreach.

As a matter of attractive program development it was noted that we need to provide a “daily speak-out” that is less procedurally and logistically encumbered than the General Assembly (GA).  The s]purpose of the speak-out is to provide those who may not be inclined to speak at the GA to have their voices heard through a more informal outlet.

It was pointed out that we need to do outreach to universities.  An experienced street canvasser advised that when flyering, the people you speak to aren’t reading the flyer; they are listening to you. It’s all about the conversation!

There has been outreach to Yoga to the People and efforts are being made to get tham to donate mats.

We need to do outreach with immigrant rights groups and prisoner rights groups.  Danny mentioned that there is a database of groups being made that will have contact info for the organizations and information about who and when they are contacted.  Everyone contacting a group must be sure that the group is added to the database so that work is not needlessly replicated.

Moses and Darrell are working on a script for a flyer.

Outreach needs to have a presence 24/7 if possible on Broadway at Zucotti Park where we maintain a signup sheet and solicit contact information for people who are interested in what we are doing.

The committee agreed that we will be seeking the consent of the GA to do non-demand oriented outreach.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Tom Hillgardner

Temporary Secretary

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