Minutes, Outreach meeting [2 Jan 2012]

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Facilitation: Cara

Minutes: Melina

Others in Attendance: Prince, Derek, and Akari


Agenda Items

  1. Printing process
  2. Ending corporate personhood
  3. Occupy queens needs resources


Agenda Items


1. Printing process

  • Needs for printing, $180 worth –
  • No budget – ows outreach wants to help
  • No point people on printing
  • Has been taken lightly and stuff doesn’t get printed


Misc Items

  • Derek – attended various actions
  • Hasn’t organized
  • Been out of town a lot
  • Open to anything
  • Face to face important
  • 7pm on Sunday at 86th street tabling training
  • Prince
  • Some ideas
  • Wants to go into schools
  • Communicate at high schools and colleges
  • Cara – asks if know about occupy youth? Also, occupy your block?
  • Akari, Cara, talked about tabling at Bryant park last Friday – list to find out when people are available and how to plug them
  • Compiled at Info a few weeks ago
  • Cara did phone banking, but now will send out email about tabling on Sunday
  • Melina mentioned citizens united anniversary actions – j20 occupy courts, then j21 occupy corporations
  • Various outreach needed, both within ows, as well as to labor unions and organizations


[End of meeting]

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