Minutes, Outreach meeting [19 Dec 2011]

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Occupy Your Block: Wed 6:30 at 60 Wall ( pending )
Movement Building Feedback Session 6pm @ 60 Wall
Outreach Meeting: Monday 26th @ 7:00pm @ 60 Wall

*Minutes from the Outreach Meeting –  Monday, 12/19 from 7-9 p.m.*


1. O*ccu(co)py: Newly fomed printng co-op!*  Michael is the point person.

Contact= occuc@riseup.net

– Ronny: We can allocate Outreach printing funds between Occu(co)py and Big
Apple. Similar prices. We’re interested that they would be able to deliver
to 50 Wall St. the same day.  We’ll set up a regular time for deliveries.

-Anybody that needs printing, email owspr@gmail.com, and Outreach can
facilitate getting the budget.

-Apollo claricfication question: is Occu(co)py dependent on income from OWS?

-Michael – the idea was that it would be a self-sufficient worker’s co-op,
paying people a living wage, which would depend upon taking any kind of
income we could get.  At the moment, though, it’s a volunteer effort to
help the movement.

-Ronny: the hope was that by allocating a portion of our budget, that that
would lead to you guys more business in hopes of maybe lowering the prices
over time.

-Ronny will be point person

*2. Evangelina with Sirius XM radio* – Occupy Wall St. channel

-She needs help getting that together – see Evangelina if you are

-It will come out for MLK’s birthday.  We can start collecting audio now,
though, and think about what we want XM to provide..  Great
opportunity.    Right
now, it’s 6 hours per day – looped over the course of 24 hours.

-Apollo – how much editing will they do?

-Evangelina – they want us to do it.  There is currently an audio engineer
from media who is up for doing that.

-Amity – it would be awesome to have music on there.

-There are commercials on satellite radio, and there is nothing in the way
of us streaming something outselves.  And people have to pay to get
satellite radio, isn’t thi s a problem?

-Ronny – I think what we’re being offered does not have commercials.

-Michael – really good opportunity to reach people that we’re not reaching
right now.   Satellite radio’s primary audience is drivers, and this can
help us expand our base better than streaming just anywhere.

3. Ronny – is the point person for so many projects within outreach, and he
wishes to delegate!  Ronny can volunteer as point person for the office
space, but it’s good to rotate.  If anyone else wants to be point person
for the office, you should be using that space regularly.

-Evangelina – you have to be responsible enough to get in contact with the
people every day by 4 p.m. about 24-hour list, who are the people actively
involved in Outreach so that their name is on the list.  Needs to be
willing to take the time to really do that.

-Melina – may be interested – wants to talk further

-Temp check on Ronny and Apollo staying as point people until others step

-Ronny – that approval has to be sent to the Office

*-Ronny – metrocards.*  Housing has decided to have WGs distribute metro
cards.  Ronny got loaded on being the point person to decide who gets a
metro card and who doesn’t.  People who want weekly metro cards need to
come to the weekly meeting and we need to consese upon who gets a metro
card and who doesn’t.  Because no one person should be responsible for
deciding that.  There are 70-150 per week.  We have to make a decision
about who really needs these for every day operations.  This is just for
weekly metrocards for people who are consistently traveling for OWS and
Outreach specifically.

-Proposal = whenever someone wants a weekly metro card, they have to cme to
the weekly meeting and get the group’s consensus.

-Amity – one concern- aconsensus on who deserves a metro card can be a
touchy thing.

-Ronny – we have to be real.  There is a limited resource that some people
desperately need.  We have to decide that somehow.

-Melina- at this point, what is the current number ratio – how many people
asking vs. how many are available?  Are they a new thing?

-Ronny – we’ll have a better estimate tomorrow.  Weekly metro cards have
been around, but it’s been a bad system.

-Evangelina – this is encouraging people who have been getting metrocards
to participate in the movement by joining WGs.

-Aoollo – 1. A lot of people gave up a lot of stuff to sleep in that park.  A
lot of people are very angry.  This is just to distribute based on
participate..  A lot of people lost their jobs and do not have the funds to
do what they need to do, and if they don’t have transportation, it prevents
them from doing their job.  It’s very improrant.  Myself included.

-Amity – friendly amendment – rather than having a list where we determine
worthiness, it would be better for individuals to bring a proposal about
why you need one, even if it’s over email or something.

-Evangelina – I like that because if you can’t make it to a meeting, you
have an option.

-Ronny – restating the proposal:  For metrocards, if the person who wants
to get a metrocard would have to come with a proposal to an outreach
meeting in which we all consent on if they’re going to get a metro card or
not, and that email would also be okay.


*4. Hambone’s proposal – listening: *

For collaboration and/or support

A few friends have developed this process.  It goes like this: set up a
questionnaire to put to other grassroots organizations to build the mandate
for this movement.  We’re trying to build relationships with other work
goin on aroundt he country.

A great way to do that is to do an interview process – what work are you
doing? What are you needs? What do you want to do in the future? What do
you think about OWS?  Also, resource consolidation.

We then bring that data back and synthesize it and try to build a mandate
from the lowest common denominators.

This is an Outreach project, and we are hoping you support the initiative

You’re invited (even exhorted) to participate on the ground level.

-Would you also be interested in reaching out directly to individuals?  What
about a database of shared property?

-Hambone: I didn’t totally understand the shared property stuff.  Maybe
individual target interviews as well as broader meetings to tease out more
info at once.  I’m way more interested into turning this into a face to
vface – which would turn into a digital interfac – searchable.  We would
start with the Right to the City Coalition.  Most badass grassroots
organizations in the country, who don’t have the resources to form a larger

-Evangelina – ComHUb is all about connecting the dots as well.  Definitely
wants to connect.

-Michael G. Not may from OYB are here, but that is an initiative to do some
work with various community groups, and we already have linkages.  We
originally called them in for a lunch and gave them a questionnaire about
what sort of stuff they would be comfortable doing with us and what they
hope to accomplish.  Does anyone know what happened to that data?

-Melina – I am working in tandem with Bed Stuy organize.  I live in Bed
Stuy, there’s a BK GA and an offshoot in Bed Stuy working specifically with
members in the community, like Slave Theater which was a pillar for the
community in the 70s and fallen on hard times.  People are working to
regenerate it.  That’s one place that this could connect to.  In the BK GA,
other underserved communities already have things they need help with –
items and services, if htat’s of interest

-Hambone – yes, but the emphasis is more about developing a political
mandate and agenda, but it makes sense to d that cross-referencing.  We’d
be excited to build on the dat form OYB.

-Amity – I would really encourage to create the thing you’re going to be
harvesting it in before harvesting info.  OYB info often just disappeans –
with a lot of it all at once, it’s hard to figure out what to do with
it.  Could
we make the info available to occupiers.  Who would potentially be an ally?
What about having it all online?

-Apollo – if anyone does know what happened to the organizers lunch data,
that would be useful.  I think I know where some of the forms are.

-I love the project, but is it an outreach project, or would it be better
under tech support

-Hambone – it is an independent movemnt.  Me and a few other people.  It
could be a really good resource for movement building.

-Hambone – we are hoping for a thumbs up from Outreach, but also, we really
need people power to help with this.  It will be very involved work.  We’re
not going to launch it until we have it set.

-Formal endorsement from Outreach?  CONSENSUS!

-Hambone’s email = henryd@gmail.com

*5. Michael G. – 99 % Dispatch*

New Dispatch cam eout on Firday.  Anyone cn feel free to take some.
Acceptance rate is around 66%.  We’re doing really well!

This is the last print until the new year.

At this point, we need to get a web presence up and invest in that – so
that we can do print content and do that simultaneously with putting it up
online.  Webstie may be updated even more regularly.

Are there other ideas for sections which we should incorporate?  Key thing:
it’s not a content generator yet, it’s just a filter.  Stat shots?
INfographics? Polls?  Op-Eds? Maybe eventually original news content?  (that
last one requires a lot of effort to get stuff that digs a little deeper)  Does
anyone have suggestions for other stuff that should be on the website?

-Melina – loves the idea of charts and infographics.  Visual always helps
engage people further.

-There will be a breakout group afterward.

-Michael – yes, we would lov e to get dedicated people who want to help
with setting up the site.

-Evangelina – have you gone to any of the Com cluster meetings?  They have
good info regarding the tech, etc.

-Michael – in terms of a website, we’ve got that set.

-Evangelina – there is so much overlap.  Tech ops are really good at
knowing what else is going on and might be able to plug you in and add you
as a link to other peoples’ work as well.

-Michael – last question – Buffy has been helping with copy editing.  She’s
trying to prepare a NJ edition.  If local printing doesn’t work for her,
how will she be able to cover expenses for printing, etc. from outside of

-Julien – that’s a larger conversation – let’s take that outside of the

*6. Amity – Stickers  *

If you want to get involved in stickers, let me know.

Our first set has gone online. We have infographics and slogans that were
consensed on.. The only thing we need now is to get the printer.

Conjoined Sticker Group has been talking about our next wave of stickers,
and we need to know what to do next.  Any ideas for that, shoot them out:

-Melina – when will they be printed?

Also, I’m interested in distributing.

What if they go similar to graffiti artistis – can they go on lightposts or
subways? Especially in borough areas with less police patrol, on ad posters
in subways, it would be great to have stickers on them

-Amity – when they’ll be printed – as soon as possible, within the week

-in terms of graffiti – when it was first brought to Outreach, we thought
of that idea and we cut out all the negative stickers so that wherever you
put it, it says something positive.  We want people to put them everywhere.

-Maybe we have a joint venture – occupy farm wants to do some fundraising,
maybe we could print out stickers buttons.

-Banksy’s tactic – put them high up

*7. Amity – New Years Party*

It’s on Facebook and Twitter.  500 people voted and want it to be outdoors.
More people want it to be at Liberty than at Times’ Square.  Right now,
we’re going to have it at Liberty starting at 9 p.m. and go until after the
New Year.  We don’t want it to be dictated by any one group.  Music guild
is going to bring a bunch of bands.

DA is getting very involved because there may be a march, as well.

But the party itself is just a party.  We want to get together and

Meeting Tuesday, 12/20 at 5:30.

Talk to Amity if interested.  OR just throw an autonomous thing.

*8. Justin’s idea:*

I had an idea – a big idea, just wanted to talk to people about it and see
what you feel.  If it’s naïve, so be it.

On Saturday, at Duarte, all the tables were up and the library, and it
filled me with how great it was to have a town square.  Everyone knows the
importance of having a public presence.  I thought, why cant we have that?

Why can’t we kind of *occupy Duarte Square in the mean time and set it up
like a farmers market *– set it up at 6 in the morning – like a scaled down
version.  If people are still palnning on taking the Trinity Space then
they can still do that.  It was such a resource to be able to tell people –
just go there, there’s people there.  It could be a staging area for
marches and actions.  A lot fo times marches end up being just us and the
police.  But I go on actions to talk to people about how they feel about it.

I often talk to people, and they say “oh is that still going on?  Where are
you guys?”

Why not Zuccotti?  Well, it’s  a crime scene, and people would have to go
through a check point in order to have a conversation.

A lot of people feel like we want to hunker down right now, and let tents
spring up like daffodils.

The other idea is that we could – in the surrounding areas, we could find
allies and sympathizers.  There are people who have offices – we might be
able to store stuff nearby.  Like a permanent Farmer’s Market.  Also, it’s
a different neighborhood – Liberty is more tourists, but a different crowd
is around Canal St.

-Sandra – I have people form different occupies that have little
populations and they want people to come to it. What about a mobile thing?  Or
one in every borough?  So that people see us as Occupy Everywhere.  So that
we get stronger and better and build projects together.  Collective might.

-Michael G. I think that’s a fine idea.  Coordinating local Gas would be
good.  In the winter months, they might not have as much to do during the
winter months.  Maybe there are more resources there to set up little
Occupies in the boroughs.  In different locations but at regular intervals?
Not a lot of foot traffic near Duarte.

-Melina – my feeling is that that area at Duarte isn’t really
well-trafficked.  I think that having an outpost there would be fantastic.  But
I love the idea of coordinating regular presences in parks and boroughs.  For
that matter, it could occur anywhere.  I don’t know how publicized Duarte
was for the general public.

-Justin – I dated a girl that lived on Cedar St.  Nobody ever was in that
park.  But if you build it, they will come.  It’s a great idea to have a
moving market of ideas, too, wth some sort of schedule.  But the benefit of
knowing where the thing is on a consistent basis, then that’s a super
powerful thing.  It just depends on how much people believe in having a
physical presence.  I’m skeptical that the mayor or NYPD will ever let that
happen again.

-Julien – Great idea.  Love it.  A few of us have been talking about
something similar.  All of the working groups are starved for people and
people don’t know how to be involved.  They were conceptualizing something
similar, but just one day a week.  Maybe moving around, pop-ups.  Maybe
every Sunday?  With an orientation, etc.

-Phoebe – love that idea.  Didn’t want to leave Duarte on Saturday.  Akari
from info talked about amobile info table.  There is also a mobile think
tank and library.  It’s almost a natural progression.  If we keep moving
from place to place, how can they stop us? And if we have everything in the
carts, we can keep moving if necessary.  Maybe a website for the mobile
occupation.  Maybe sticker for the website with the schedule (we are
everywhere, occupy everywhere).

-I like it a lot too.  You wouldn’t even need a central location.  There
could be a guerilla soup kitchen outside of Penn Station one day.  You just
have to coordinate enough turnout for each group so that there are enough
people to address people one on e.

-Alice – Mobile occupation.  Just came from Chicago.  They were prevented
form ever having encampments.  So that’s exactly what they’ve been doing
since September.  That’s proof that it can be done.  I have phone numbers –
we could get in touch with them.

-Amity – does anyone know about the barter market?  It’s under
Sustainability.  Different crafts people within Occupy go and sell stuff
but not for money.  You can go and trade things for what you want to buy.  They
are in one place every week.

-Justin – imagine if it was everything in one place!!

-Justin – What can I do to follow up?  What’s the best way to plug in?

Julien – The best thing would be to send an email about this.  We can also
have a breakout group to talk more about this.  You have Outreach’s support!

– *Melina-  Citizens United 2 year anniversary* – nationwide actions –
Occupy the Courts – January 20th.  Move to Amend and Public Citizen all on
board to make a statement that money is not speech.  January 21st = occupy
the corporations. Various corporations around the city with signs saying
“is this a person?”  Many people have no clue about this draconian rule.  We
need to help with bringing a greater awareness about this decision.

Contact Melina: i@melinaphotos.com

*-Stephanie – OccupyEducated.org*

Great resource!   Check it out!

*-Paul – Occupying the Primaries* in order to raise awareness about the
fact that there is too much power in the hands of he wealthy.  A lot of
work happening to engage Republican and Democrat voters about money and
politics and also doing direct actions in key spots.

If interested, email Paul: paul.get@gmail.com

-Julien – OWS Journal is looking for volunteers tomorrow at 9 a.m. at an
office uptown to help send out a bunch of gifts to people who helped
kickstart the journal.  Can anyone come help?  At the Brecht Forum.  9
a.m.. Tuesday, 12/20.

*-Julien – Labor Outreach meeting* – to talk about a big campaign starting
in Janaury to talk about neighborhood assemblies.

*-Also – Outreach cluster meeting* – to coordinate some larger stuff
between WGs.  There is a ton of energy in the movement right now about
Outreach.  How can the Outreach group use our resource to coordinate
Outreach on a larger scale.  Work with their outreach people?

-Julien – is there an Outreach meeting on Saturday or Monday?

-Amity – there are a lot of people coming in from out of town – it would be
great to have meetings for those people.

-Julien – *what about 12/26 at 7 p.m.?  Yes!  Normal meeting time next
Monday is a go.  No meeting on Christmas Eve.*

-Julien – OYB meeting Wednesday at 6:30 at 50 Wall St.

-Melina – Movement Building feedback session at 6 p.m. t 60 Wall St.

-Julien – Speakers’ Guild – needs people who speak Spanish Tuesday night

-Breakout groups: Dispatch website, New Years

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