Minutes, Outreach meeting [17 Oct 2011]

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Michelle – North Brooklyn, been canvassing and IDing sympathetic businesses; knows artists who want to make movement art and signage.


add business campaign to agenda


Nani – working on incubator model for other Gas; we have lots of resources to do this.


Micheal – volunteer corps: working to recruit volunteers to local groups; creating directory and then doing outreach to local orgs: build connections, learn about issues.  Tried to dropped off publicity materials to Outreach desk and was denied.


Add signup sheet and data entry to agenda


Jessie – Sent out info on website to group


John – Publication subgroup; copy edited Rebecca’s talking pts sheets


Julien – Working with Jillian about data entry process


John – Question – as website goes live anyone can post to calendar, whose job will it be?

Need to change meeting location on website



John – working on list of ways people can contribute

Jessie – I came up with something and tried to get it posted to Outreach table

Christian  – will work with him tonight; Flags

John – QR codes

Org Dinner

Volunteer Corps


Michelle – easy way to call a local meeting in Greenpoint: can organize artists of which there are many there.  This would be a quick win.


John – Design team is working on something similar, I talked with lead design group guy last night, would like to be in touch.


Jessie – Is this about one image, design is working on an official logo


Jessica enters meeting – works for homeless services org; has been doing some canvassing on her own.


Several new eople came in, they were at 60 Wall, more introductions


Manny – works outreach table


Sade – Met in park


Hans – Radio show host.


Aime – working at the booth – lots of people have lots of questions about peoples’ ideas and finding ways to get involved – system for helping people find local people to coordinate with.


Abigail – Has some time and wants to help out.


Chris – have two specific proposals – buttons and canvassing materials


Louis – wants to get the word out.


Andrea – wants to help facilitate discussions more


Brian – Wants to help get the word out.


Jessica – helping people find others to collaborate with


Manny- Event manager, administrator for private networking group; wants to get word out.


Tanya – wants to bring people in who feel intimidated


Sade – Spread word to the unemployed workers


Hans – Has an org network he’s looking to leverage; wants to include more minority communities – visit, talk and listen.


Colin – From outreach and facilitation; working on merging People of Color WG with Outreach.


Julien – Expains our workgroup’s organization


Colin – Organizers lunch: 2pm on Sunday [52 Broadway] canvas team is meeting to talk about getting outreach tables around the city.


Steven – Interested in outreach, lots of involvement in health care community, logtime LES


Breaking into groups for 25 minutes


Table Subcommittee Minutes –


Signup and data entry


Manny – He works outreach and explains how sign-up sheet is used and what people want; Most info requests come through outreach table.  Julien handles data entry.


Tanya – can come by and pick up the forms in the evening and can do data entry.


Connect on scheduling that.


Christian – will try draft of form that will make sense.


Purchase items – flags and lock-box with slot for donations (emptied every hour by finance) – Ask Brian if he can add to his shopping list


Manny – can we get GA approved fliers or some other way to define what is “official”?


Micheal – We should propose that outreach materials be passed by meeting and signed and stored in folder in outreach table.


Manny – Lets discuss in large group how we deal with people who want to drop unrelated literature.


Tanya – I will work on schedule


Manny – Pens and dry erase and name tags desperately needed at the table in park (ask Brian)


Report Backs




Reaching out to local artists to make storefront signs.  Jessie – will help coordinate with design on this


Buttons – Kara and Chris will work on


Need steady flow of materials – also info on what you can and can’t do when canvasing and marching


Jessie – Send out Pbworks site URL with minutes (christian)


Jesse – Where is lit kept?


Julien – docs are kept at outreach, need to replenish


Org Outreach


Nani – Need better communication for org outreach; haven’t had person power to do much org outreach directly; people should think about how teach-ins will work.


Outreach dinner (lunch) 2pm Sunday the 23rd in Cafe of 52 Broadway


Teach-ins: message: how can what we’re doing benefit you?


How can we do outreach teams in outer boroughs; will we need a car?


Cara – legality is an issue with official OWS use of cars; people can use there own informally


Nani – we need to coordinate with canvas on map of outreach


X – We should buy tables for people to use in the boroughs.


Table Reports (see breakout minutes above)


Micheal – Motion to pass outreach lit process outlined above.  Materials already there are grandfathered.


X – Who do checks get written out to?  Someone needs to ask finance.


Proposal passes


Meeting adjourned




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