Minutes, Outreach meeting [17 Nov 2011]

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1. New People Intros
2. Add to Agenda
3. Houskeeping

Daily & Weekly Emails
Reports from Other GA’s

Nov 17: we don’t have particular proposal, so we are having open
stack. 5 minutes discussion with break out group. 30 seconds for each
person on stack, exercise in self restraint.
Breakdown of the day: Shut wall St down. move from symbolic to direct
action, mass movement. community and organizers combining.
day split up into 3 chunks. breakfast lunch dinner.  Morning bell to
be stopped. High Risk part of day.
3pm occupy the subway
5pm foley square
6p led lights at brooklynbridge, lights and crazy events
In terms of Outreach: going to organization meetings, distributing
fliers, union meetings
David: who is taking responsibility for each subway stop
Rebecca: bottom line all subway stops. She  got brooklyn and staten
island, we still need harlem and the bronx and queens. if those of us
who aren’t getting arrested could we bottom line subway hub.
what does bottom lining mean.
getting fliers bringing to subway hub. hold sign that says subway hub
here. bring fliers, meet the women or man. mic checking man or woman
who is mic checking there story. convene people and get them excited
and once that is done show people how to do open mic. get people on to
same train.
Evangelina: pretty sure Queens is bottomlining there own.
Rebecca: Great think a few are doing there own, but we need to do some
David: the 125th. talked to Nellie, not sure if she is doing it or
not, at Occupy Harlem, but pretty sure. West Harlem group, some stops
are not even doing but lot of work needs to be done. The Bronx needs a
lot of work.
Colin: Propose that anyone who is willing to bottom line take
responsibility.  Read off the ones we need.
Rebecca:  Does David know if anyone is coming.
David: the 161st, but not sure of others
Rebecca: 3 people who are willing.  Ronnie,willing. Julia willing.
Contact Rebecca, break out group to discuss further
Nov 17 not completely covered.
Rebecca anyone outreaching to the LED light distribution.  I don’t
know much about the dinner meet up, not sure who is passing out those.
Outreach normally passes out papers, but not sure if anyone is doing
N17 extended for 2 minutes.
Ronnie: point of info.we were sent a flyer to pass out for that
Rebecca: it’s not a flyer it lights we want to pass out.
Julian: do we have info about passing out light.
Y….:  we need 12 people to assist in handing out lights.  Give me
info and email addressess. 16 Beaver 6pm Tuesday, tomorrow, is big
meeting to get info and meet up and know if you are interested in
participating with this
Next Agenda Item:
minutes passed for
minutes for budget discussion
sumumba 3 minutes for other GA info
OYB for 3 minutes
minutes for break out groups
Tanya: we’ve been bombarded for OWS emails, so basically we had idea
for daily email blast,eclectic topics and then weekly would be any
events that would be coming up.  Volunteering herself,she would get
emails and she would compile and she would send.  2000 on list serve,
and there is another group that is google group that has access.
Colin: weekly one would be compliation of email traffic?
Tanya: Yes
Olivia: not necessarily from email, but if info isn’t time sensitive,
then submit to Tanya.
David:  I received email for the first time, internal for google group
and info should be correct.
Tanya: If you want email to be correct, make sure info is correct.
Julian:  subject line: In Review/Time sensitive
Colin: not sure, what that means
Tanya:  example, does anyone have who has such and such number
Julian:  Example, does anyone know where Spokes Council is:  All
responses come together vs, email after email
Jon: email came out to new link for Occupy Your Block.
Olivia: another example, section for request for a number, request for
report back, request for document…or meeting notes that can be
Email to be sent:  Tanyaphattiyakul@gmail
Tanya: request that daily email be sent by 4pm to make sure
Consensus passed on email change
Breakout group for Budget instead. ok
Sumumba on his report back:  I work with other GA throughout the
cities, haven’t been to some, working on those.  Brooklyn is doing
good.  Any other occupations here?..NO.  I did invite Harlem.
Rockaway is here. Good.
We need OUTREACH team for other occupations, hopefully for tomorrow
they’ll show up. We should invite them, as long as open line of
communications, as long as we are on same page and respectful of their
issues, even though they have their own issues is good.
Olivia: Strategy sessions, different people for different GA’s, if you
are interested in that come talk to me, we can add you to list.
David:  I am from West Harlem, Can you ask Nellie if she is bottom
lining subway hub.
Colin: If anyone is attending and would like to be bottom line and
attend those GA’s you shoud just do it.
3Spencer: Sub group for support, having a central place, to connect
the dots, a central place would be a good idea.  Some of the OYB,
could be a central plot , cause it would be a coordination.
Max:  A lot going into. Federated General Assembly already in the
Rebecca: subgroup consist of me and sumumba
David:  west harlem 6pm 142 nd , wash heights  165th and amsterdam
630p. Bronx huntspoint #6 train subway  train 11am next saturday.
Julian: 3minutes on OYB, but also is going to be a breakout group
Olivia: 3 quick report backs
1. event on oyb with community voices heard, good intimate setting w/
10-12 people, we are going to follow up. getting a sense of
2. one is a teach-in this saturday democratic club in the bronx
3. 200-300 people at the Y 92nd st, looking for speakers.
guest:  part of the strategy to bridging the gap, when events are
sponsored, event sunday, i dunno what was done, but the fact that no
one in the organization wasn’t actually at the event, but it
Rebecca: In Brooklyn GA, had 2 events.  1st day most GA event worked
in conjuntion w/ Fury. Organized Bedside, real successful.  Sunday was
a mess because outreach for volunteers and no one showed up.  We have
to do outreach for them, what we learned was really just to
coordinated with one or two neighborhoods at a time, instead of trying
to cover a huge territory.  Taking on too many groups doesn’t work as
Julian: I agree with those sentiments, My update is the website is
we’re getting 400 hits a day.  CNN blogger has picked it up.  A google
doc, OYB project planning, designates a point person.  Did everyone
get that document:
Rebecca: How does putting someone on that schedule?  I didn’t know how
to put it on the OYB website.
Colin: Should we extend we are on time?
Consensus extended
Ronnie:  On the site there is a page for contact, Someone from contact
has admin access and they will be able to do that.  That hasn’t
actually been done, but willing to train people
COlin: Teach-ins with uniion locals. 2 today, 1 on friday.  None of
which I emailed to the website, sorry. quick note on what rebecca was
saying: once you have something set up, you can contact organizations
from same locale, but maybe we didn’t pick up on yours this time but
maybe next time…something I learned.
OYB:  occupy your neighborhood, is what it seems like what it’s
turning out to be.  Was at meeting Queens, very good.
Randall:  we should do one thing, we are committed to a transfer of
resources, for OYB we’re gonna support this, how many people are
available, and are willing to report back and come back to GA, if they
have money requests.  If you need help let me know, willing to do so.
Sumumba: at 477event, when I went to Brooklyn event, but I was able to
work with them, better communication is needed, so we don’t all attend
same events and miss out on others.
Colin: Time
Ronnie: Moving on, OYB is one of the most serious efforts, this is how
we are growing the effort, this is grassroots, who is willing to step
up to this.  That what it is going to take.
Julian: Temp check on housekeeping real quickly.  People signing up,
people willing to check email, good system for people willing to work
the table, check OWS email,check the OYB email. Sign up sheet will be
passed out.  Cara is going to make sign up sheet?
Cara: Having contact info of person who is signed up, so we can call
and remind people and alleviate people
Olivia: We are doing prettly long blocks of time, hoping everyone in
outreach to come and work a shift and make it collaborative
Daryl:  Does office have an outreach station, might be easier than
just doing this from table at park.
Tanya: There was a sign up sheet for table volunteers, that broke up
into 30 minute increments, what I think should happen, is it should be
sent to google group, so everyone can see who is on there and everyone
can check if people will be there later than they anticipate.  Also if
we could have a netbook, so everyone could have access. Lot of
security issues, tabling is very important, circulate sign up sheet
now would be good.
Ronnie: we have a cabinet to lock up netbook and funding for netbook
should go to budget subcommittee
Colin: if we are all here, then we can do quality control, setting up
for table schedule in person.  if we could leave meeting with next few
days of table scheduling, so if there are holes we can figure it out.
Julian: basically ronnie, julian and tanya are basically doing the
email and tabling.
Daryl: we should combine those to do all at once
cara: passing out tabling schedule
julian: pass out email schedule sheet as well.  do we need more time
on scheduling.
Olivia: point person for GA’s, if you’re interested come talk to me so
i can add you
ideally you’ll check the list, within outreach if you’re doing
something and you want to be listed as point person,come talk to me to
make sure info is down.
Ronnie: 245 pm meeting General Outreach Internet presence meeting at
office at 50 Broadway 12th floor.
Breakout Groups:
Colin is doing OYB
N17 Subway Hubs email Rebecca since she had to leave meeting
Sumumba is doing GAs
Breakout Group
Report Backs:
GA: Sumumba: we went over contact/liaisons for other GA’s. and develop
better relationships. We currently have all the burroughs covered.  We
are comfortable doing report backs for all the GA’s.  Rebecca and I
will be working on that.
Ronnie: Budget: Per Diem Access, Printing Access, How outreach does
budgets for proposals.
5 names will be given to finance,
and proposals would be brougt to budget subcommittee then outreach
meeting and how it relates to outreach for 2k or less if more then and
then we would take to GA,
If 2k for printing budget is sufficent, doesn’t seem sufficient
because of demands currently increasing
Julien: Outreach: Big meeting, deep meeting on OYB meeting will be in
office Sunday at 3p.  We talked about check sheet , then planning
OYB Reportback Cont.:

–          Will have checklist

–          Talked about how to make sure that groups don’t feel like
we dropped the ball

–          Creating a checklist

–          Every meeting, talk about what we’re looking forward to

**looking for 2 people – teach-in in jersey, talk about global
economics and OWS; must know about the global economic meltdown
madness, 6pm, 1hour15min away

Talk to Julian!


Structure transparency and accountability forum: Can there be a
breakout after this about the forum?

Ronny: Occupy New Haven needs help and I have been spearheading the
project to help them out; if you’re interested come to me.  Also the
Mobile Occupation group which is taking a bus down to Florida to offer
help and teach-ins etc.

Colin: would really like to grow the group here; Please bring someone
new to the next meeting so they can get involved!

Meeting at 16 Beaver tomorrow at 6pm for Nov 17th action

November 23rd: Super Committee with all legislatures

–          Group of people walking down to DC

–          Anticipate thousands of people to be there at the end

–          Would like help facilitating super assembly discussion
about documents, visions, etc

–          Meet Wednesday at 5:30 at Wall Street

Next meeting: Tuesday at 6:30, Hugo is facilitator.

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