Minutes, Outreach meeting [9 Jan 2012]

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Facilitation: Apollo

Stack: Tanya

Minutes: Lucky



Report Backs

1. Canvas Training
2. No Pants Subway Ride
3. Printing
4. #J15/#J16 MLK actions

Agenda Items

1. 99% Declaration
2. Jersey City/All borough Brooklyn GA/All city GA
3. Outreach cluster meeting report back & discussion
4. Citizens United actions
5. Bank direct actions
6. Organization of OR minutes on nycga.net
7. Change of OR meeting times


Report Backs


1. Canvas Training [Cara]

– Occurred at 7 pm Sunday 8 Jan 2012 at the West Park Presbyterian
Church on 165 W 86th St (http://g.co/maps/y4jww).
– Meetings/training sessions to be run weekly at this time and place.
– Printed materials for canvassing activities to be made  available
daily at 11 am at 60 Wall St. Also looking to make materials available
at the same location at 6 pm daily.
– A write up is available (contact Cara)


2. No Pants Subway Ride [Ronny]

– Has been run annually by Improv Everywhere
– This year OWS partook, using mic checks and twinkles to hold a soapbox GA.
– In related news, Ronny introduced OccupyGames, an initiative to
build community through gaming.


3. Printing [Ronny]

– Prinitng can be done by contacting print@nyga.net with a Working Group email.
– Contact Tech Ops tech@nycga.net if you don’t have a WG email.


4. #J15/#J16 MLK actions [Samumba]

– On #J15 (MLK Jr. day) there will be a Worldwide Candlelight Vigil
for Unity at 7pm globally. Current plan for NYC is to assemble at The
Riverside Church in the UES (http://g.co/maps/37bt5).
– Check nycga.net for more info.
– Occupy Sunset Park will also be staging an MLK Unity day event at
Trinity Lutheran Church (http://g.co/maps/gv5h4)
– “Occupy the Dream” (http://www.occupydream.org/) will be happening
on #J16 with actions at the African Burial Ground (9 am) and the Federal Reserve.


Agenda Items


1. 99% Declaration Convention [Samumba]

– Convention to occur in summer on July 4th in Philadelphia
– Currently present on NYCGA as WG, however current debate within OWS
on their validity.
– Discussion on why this was a matter for OR (they are on the OR mailing list).
– Question on whether we make a decision via consensus to discuss
topics like these.
– General agreement to visit  NYCGA site
(http://www.nycga.net/groups/the-99-declaration-working-group/) for
more information and decide if this should be discussed at the next


2. Jersey City/All Borough Brooklyn GA [Samumba]

– Need OWS folks to attend the Jersey City GA
– Monday at 7 pm, Journal Square (http://g.co/maps/8rtuq)
– All Borough Brooklyn GA is at Freebrook Academy, Bed Stuy 7 pm Thursday.


3. Outreach cluster meeting report back & discussion [Andy + Jillian]

– Idea behind the cluster meeting is that many groups outside of
Outreach Working Group do outreach activities. The meeting provides a
forum for these groups in different areas of the movement to meet and
discuss these activities.
–  Creating a broader definition of what OR is can help the movement
build a more cohesive message. The meeting was intended to address how
can WGs have common strategic themes and what is the OR strategy for
the movement overall, as opposed to personal/subgroup-based projects.
– A report back from the meeting will be sent out to the OR mailing
list and posted to NYCGA.
– General feeling that the meeting went well, however it was difficult
to structure and organize.
– Had breakout groups trying to integrate people from diverse groups.
– Felt that some discussion didn’t quite fully develop on important
subjects such as connecting new people from a low level of activism,
how people who can only do part-time OWS work fit in, local GAs, and
the importance of public space.
– OR cluster meetings are similar to DA visioning sessions, and are
useful in finding a space where OR & DA have common purposes, while
ensuring they are not reduplication.
– Proposal to have further discussion at next OR meeting [1-14-12] on
strategy and planning for the next cluster meeting.
– Next cluster meeting tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday, however
exact timing will be organized by doodle.


4. Citizens United actions [Melina]

– Two days of action on Friday Jan 20 and Saturday Jan 21.
– On #J20 there will be an “Occupy the Courts” action. This will
involve a rally at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan US Courthouse @ 500
Pearl St., a march to Foley Sq, and a rally at the Thurgood Marshall
US Courthouse @ 40 Centre St.
– On #J20 there will be an “Occupy the Corporations” action. Currently
planning whether this will consist of actions at static locations or
whether it will consist of travelling as a group to each locations and
having conversations at each place.
– Suggestion that OR Canvassing should be contacted and integrated/involved.
– It was pointed out that in terms of effectively signing people up to
the OWS list at actions is via a computer Excel spreadsheet, formatted
in successive columns: [First name] [Last name] [Phone] [Email] [Zip
code], and sending this to Tech Ops.
– Isham noted that he runs the OWS Facebook account and can help with
promotion of Outreach events. He can be contacted at
– Discussion about the use of eBlast and the need to carefully
restrict its use to selective events to maximize impact.


5. Bank Direct Action [Rosalind]

– Concerned about home foreclosure, and has seen previous actions by
OWS against Bank of America and Verizon as great successes.
– Idea is to organize people to make a commitment to take money out of
the bank if they foreclose.
– Comments of previous successful actions such as Bank Transfer Day on
November 5th, and the Occupy Your Homes action in East New York on
November 6th. It was suggested that OWS is committed to ongoing
actions against banks and foreclosures, and that Rosalind should
contact groups like Occupy Your Homes to move the idea forward.
– It was noted that Direct Action is looking to make a map of
bank-owned foreclosed properties. “Picture the homeless” has generated
a similar map (https://vacantnyc.crowdmap.com), however this map does
not contain bank ownership information.
– Question about what is the best way to mobilize senior citizens. It
was pointed out that senior citizens in San Fransisco had performed a
powerful action in shutting down the Bank of America on Thursday
It was suggested that the internet could be used for effective


6. Organization of OR minutes on nycga.net [Lucky]

– There will be an upcoming audit of Working Groups with a requirement
for all functioning WG’s to have their previous minutes posted up on
NYCGA. Currently most of Outreach’s minutes are not up on NYCGA.
Proposal: Lucky to be added as an admin to the Outreach
section of the NYCGA site so that he could collate and post up all
previous minutes from OR WG.
The proposal was passed by consensus.


7. Change of OR meeting times [Samumba]

– It was suggested that since OR meetings currently clash with OWS GA
and Spokes, we could try and move them to a more compatible earlier
– It was proposed that a doodle be set up so that we could agree on
times that most people attending OR meetings could make.



[End of meeting]

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