Minutes: ComCluster meeting, 6 Dec 6pm

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Attendees: James, Tom, Stephen, Ronnie (audit) Scott, Lori, Christine, Hall, Ravi, Shen, Megan, Hall, Caroline

Minutes: James; Facilitation: Ravi w/an assist from Haywood; Stack: Haywood; timekeeper: Scott



Revised mission statement (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JJFVr9l9-NnId_9OlP6b9a4LRjOvX-RQ9iCcSlcZPdU/edit)

Weekly meeting Tuesdays at 4pm at 60 Wall Street

Megan and Stephen will be our office point people for the evening and weekend lists, etc.

Shen & Christine will be our petty cash point people


Reminders for next meeting

Talk to Christine about petty cash

Talk to Shen about basecamp if you’re interested

Ravi will update the website with our revised mission statement

Form for Project submission (Caroline)

Forms for reimbursements from our general fund (Stephen)

* There will be a thread in our google group for building the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting. If you are not in the group, please email us at org.ows(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll walk you through the process of joining our group.



Reportback from Megan:

…She asked org to step in. Megan will reportback tomorrow on this.

Stephen Webber is helping Megan with Ethical Donations group. This is still a personal project. Heywood stipulated the term Incubate should only apply to Org approved Incubation projects. Group supported.

Megan is also bottomilining the Morning Coord Meeting. She emailed all working groups to participate.

Hall: Wearable Housing is going forward, cost $200 approx. they have enough $ for 10 suits so far.

Occupy Your Future website is coming.

Tom G: Internet is launching a site for booking and promoting events. Internet is implementing new software for Project Management called Better Means. Once it is up and running it can be assessed more clearly in a later reportback.

Scott: Working on Employment Project. Working on Art/Photo Project to post large portraits of occupiers on windows facing park.

Lori: Working on Housing projects, specifically to get people and crews (like Medics) in the housing Churches. She will have jmore time for Org soon. She is working on Security issues related to Housing. The security group in Housing is 5 people per church and they need to rotate.

Christine: Working on Volunteer Srvcs.

Heywood: Working with Press to collect stories about the great actions and events going on. He has been working on Finance WG. Minutes WG approached him and asked for help in working with Tech WG to better store and share the content from Minutes. Tom and Heywood will talk in breakout. Finance WG is now Accounting WG and seeks to be little more than a desk for petty cash with Legal and lawyers from GA to create accountability.

A discussion emerges about whether reportbacks should be limited to Org related tasks.

Shen requests a discussion on directing relevant reportbacks on to the three domains of Org operations should be included in reportbacks in the meetings of those subgroups.

Ravi asks for clarification.

Hall: Org meetings are crucial hubs to bring and share information.

Stephen: Worker meetings work by breaking into subgroups and rejoining back at the end of the meeting.

Scott: Move this discussion to email.

Group consensus.

Shen blocks: This is not fair to Ravi, who is planning the meetings. We need to decide

Stephen proposes Tues at 4pm, group consensus.

Agenda items:

Calls for PM

Ethical Donations

Occupy holiday events

Coops and Occupeir projects

Tech and computer equipment


Support DAs with resources


Call for Project Managers: Sponsored by Caroline, moved to later.

Ethical Donations:

–          Megan: The unstructured flow of donations are a potential means of cooptation.

–          Stephen: Ethical Donations should be a guideline producing project with limited lifetime. They have a rough draft of guidelines almost ready to share. Stephen requests that Org incubate this project and help to carry it through the GA.

–          Heywood observed in ED meetings a lack of clear scope to the group. (ED is currently a group?) This project may function to overly determine the financial choices of the movement.

–          Stephen: this is a work in progress …

–          Lori: Ethical Donation guidelines would enable research and distributed knowledge on donors.

–          Shen: This falls under our mission and we should fulfill our mission.

–          Group does not consense to inucabate this project at this time. Group expresses openness to reviewing this in more depth in the future.


Occupier Employment project:

–          This is a personal project originating with Scott and Caroline to connect Occupiers with employment, privileging displaced Occupiers

–          Scott and Caroline have sought to find like projects around thhe movement but have not found others working on this.

–          Ravi suggests they review other projects around the country.

–          Shen: recommends this as an Org project to incubate.


Tech and Computer Equipment (Resource Gathering for movement):

–          Shen: following the national repression of our occupation of public space, two crucial needs emerge: the need to gain other space and equipment and the need to care for and sustain Occupiers and movement participants.

–          Heywood: Org needs to gather resources on the direction of the larger movement and the expressed needs of groups. It is politically dangerous to initiate resource accumulation.

–          Shen: We need a space like the Atrium but without the vulnerability of the Atrium – an open space for people to gather and organize.

o   Phones and computers also fall into this domain .

–          Lori: Housing would also fall under the purview of this project.

–          Stephen: Org can assist in these efforts but resources gathered by Org should stay in Org. We cannot take care of the whole movement.

–          Tom: 1. People have surveyed Atrium style spaces already. (NYC.gov POPS database). CCR also approached people for donations of space but no clear results yet.

–          James: We need to work through guidelines to manage the difficulty of gathering and sharing resources to care for the movement.

–          Lori: This falls under our purview mission.

–          Shen: By personally taking on concrete attainable tasks Org can execute resource gathering

–          Temperature check:

o   Ravi: Are we comfortable working on gathering resources for the movement?

§  Agreed

o   Shen: Can Org take on the task of Incubating these five tasks:

§  1. Getting more computer phone IT services

·         Consensus

§  2. Getting atrium space

·         Consensus

§  3. Creating Workers Coops and other revenue generating projects to sustain movement participants lving needs

o   Discussion: Are these projects we would take on when initiated by other WGs? Shen: Yes;

·         Consensus

§  4.  Helping to find resources to enable key direct actions and WG initiatives

·         Consensus

§  5. Helping to raise funds for Travel Expenses

·         No Consensus


What is the process for people to bring requests for help to Org?

Megan: Can’t we handle this by letting them to send in a formal email request?

Stephen: They need to fill out a proposal form.

Caroline: This connects to another proposed project Call for Project Managers that would connect PMs with appropriate projects. Please talk with me in breakouts. I will bring this back for upcoming meeting.

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