Minutes – Open Forum Subcommittee Meeting – 10/25/11 – Paper Tiger Office

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Washington Square Park (WSP) GAs are on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm.
WSP and People’s University (PU) are two different efforts that seem to be on course for a merge.
Open Forum series events at 60 Wall St have been successful (as are those at Zuccotti).
It was suggested that indoor spaces used for OF should have foot traffic, in order to encourage participation and to keep in line with the spirit of “taking back the commons.”
Group felt that calendars for WSP/PU and OWS should be kept together.
Google calendars tied to new OF gmail (owsopenforum at gmail dot com) would be place for keeping track of both schedules.
Discussion about title of WSP presenter series: concerns that NYU in the title would give it an institutional feel and may alienate non-students.
OWS and WSP will jointly be referred to as the Open Forumseries; different color calendars and initials in entries (OWS and WSP) will help distinguish between locations.
WSP has OF events scheduled for next 1.5 weeks.
Judson Memorial Church was suggested as indoor space near WSP during winter and rainy days.
Sites with more foot traffic are being considered, e.g. Law School.
Casey will review google scheduling doc regularly (1/wk was suggested; he said he would do it daily) and then add events tonycga.net.
Maleni and Todd will upload OF event recordings to youtube and then embed them in tumb.lr. Tumb.lr will allow space for transcription. Christy already uses this site for People’s University. Eventually a merge between both tumb.lr‘s will happen here too.
The goal is for nycga.net to support the content.
Best practices for hosting events: record events and upload them later to livestream, if you can’t livestream OF; give presenter a tour of the space and give him/her an idea of potential space issues; be aggressive (in solidarity) with speaker, space and neighbors, in order to hold down your spot; carry an OF sign around before presentation.
Christy shared that WSP is a much easier space because of its vastness.
Christy and PU/WSP(?) group are developing popular education packet to distribute to presenters. Possibility for developing a curriculum were shared.
Michael shared concerns about not being tech savvy. Maria suggested shadowing others.
Alejandro encouraged group to facilitate the connection between speakers and other occupies in the city, e.g., if someone visits Zuccotti and then wants to present again, we should encourage a visit to WSP first, and then another established occupation. Maria suggested that the present visit at least one other space before coming back to OWS.
Agenda for next mtg: More diversity in presenters and topics (i.e., oppressed populations); NYCDOE, outreach to other occupies; guest protocol; popular education; scheduling kinks.
Attendees [excuse and correct(!) misspellings]: Ana, David, Todd, Maleni, Jane, Michael, Moses, Lucy, Meredith, Alejandro, Maria, Casey, Alicia, Callum, Christopher, Christy, Eric, Maliha (Maleeha?), Nick, Lauren and Jennifer.

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