Minutes of WOW Meeting 12/18/2011

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-Debriefing of Anti-Oppression Training

-We discussed how successful it was and that we’d like to run future trainings for OWS folks

-It was suggested that we add a bit of an assertiveness role play into the beginning of each WOW meeting to help get us all more comfortable with being assertive.

-It was also suggested we designate an amount of time each meeting for those who need to share stories of how they dealt with oppression that week.

-We discussed the name of the training we wanted to put on in the future and how Self Defense doesn’t fully cover it, and how maybe Anti-Oppression or Anti-Violence and Self Defense training better describes it.

-We discussed how to deal with men who interrupt our meetings.

-We then Discussed the idea of having a signal, verbal or physical, we could use to request help from other WOW members or members of the community when we are feeling oppressed/harassed.

-One idea was a fist, one a particular yell, and one a three fingered W symbol

-We then discussed a new location for our meetings, some suggestions were:

-Whole Foods has a seating area, there is one at 270 Greenwich in Tribeca or one on the Bowery at Houston

-Full Shilling Bar

-The Winter Garden in the World Financial Center

-We then discussed Logo design. Larissa H brought in a really cool one printed on stickers.

-We discussed the idea of making buttons too.

-Next we discussed the Amendments to the Declaration.

-We discussed the protocol for taking the amendment to the GA, weather we need to take it as a proposal or a announcement.

-Future Actions was the next topic.

-One suggestion was to organize an action related to labor in third world countries and fair trade labor.

-Simran shared that she works for a fair trade organization called Hand Crafting Justice and says she could help us with connections.

-Another suggestion was a movement related to labor unions in NYC, including reaching out to them, and working groups related to labor.

-The third suggestion was to organize an action supporting planned parenthood, which we discussed before. The two main suggestions are surrounding the clinic linking arms to show support, and having a supportive pro-rights showing to counter the anti-choicers on days when they protest against planned parenthood.

-It was also suggested that we reach out to a sex workers rights group and organize an action supporting them.

-It was also suggested we call for NY state to pass a resolution supporting planned parenthood.

-It was also suggested we save bigger actions for when we have gained more momentum/members and that we have smaller actions and reach out to similar women’s rights groups to gain more members/momentum.

-We also talked about having a meeting in one of the sleeping spaces in the churches that the Occupation is using, to raise awareness among women there about how to stand up for themselves, recognize oppression, etc.

-Finally, we discussed that next week there is a field trip to Full Shilling bar as one of the meetings, and discussed that the Manifesto is out there as a Google Doc and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Ok, thats about all. What a great Anti-Oppression and Training today!

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