Minutes of Empowerment and Education Working Group – Occupy Student Debt Campaign Meeting, March 9, 2012

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Minutes of OSDC Meeting, March 9, 2012

1) Discussion of 1T day (April 25th). 3 sectors of event organizing were proposed a) Design b) Partners/Participants c) Outreach

A) includes flyers, website, and social media in the form of invites to a celebration for passing the trillion dollar milestone
B) includes soliciting various satirical groups–Yes Men, Billionaires for Bush, Rev. Billy, and Plus Brigades–along with student groups from CUNY, NYU, New School, and Columbia, Fordham
C) includes Inter-Occupy networking and events at other campuses, nationwide, and also asking pledge signatories to participate

2) Conceptualizing the event–a banker’s party to take place in Zuccotti Park, circa 3,30. A series of stunts, toasts, and mock speeches (that may turn into a Jubilee announcement) followed by festive visits to BofA branches, cocktail bars, and steakhouses in the Wall Street vicinity to spread the good news!

3) Goals of the day–promote our principles by impersonating the enemy

4) A series of conference calls will be set up for those involved in organizing the event

5) AJ and Robert will host/attend the student media junket on March 17th

6) Ann and Suzanne will arrange to meet with Stephanie Gray of OSD for diplomatic talks

7) Sue to draft a proposal, with help from Ann, to fund a national tour

8) Two upcoming events

Left Forum – Student Debt Panel, March 16th, 10am
NYU Debt panel, 20 Cooper Square, March 21st, 1 to 3pm

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