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On January 24th there was a meeting of the Council of OWS Elders at the Presbyterian Church at 86th St, NYC. Jason and Bill were in attendance.

We had a discussion about the relationship between the COE and the Occupy Free University group and have resolved to work with them to jointly explore and demonstrate new ways of education.

We decided to support the Occupy Town Square group with their Sunday event at Washington Square Park. The COE will be offering 3 hours of teachings in Solidarity with the Occupy Town Square group. This will include The 5 Core Routines of Awareness, The Role of Elders in the Occupy Movement and the Peace Principles.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday Jan 29th at 2:00 pm at Washington Square Park.

Bill Record


January 29th.  In solidarity with the Occupy Washington Square Park Event, we held our meeting at 2:00 pm.  Bill, Willie, Ken, Christine, Joseph, Sally and Rick were present.  The main focus of the meeting was the role of Elders in the OWS movement.  Willie led a great discussion about the role of Elders in a traditional culture.  We resolved to continue our work in the movement and to expand the role of the Elder.

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