Minutes of InfoHub weekly meeting, held 6pm 1/26/2012 at 60 Wall Street.

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Minutes of InfoHub weekly meeting, held 6pm 1/26/2012 at 60 Wall Street.

Present at meeting: Hunter, Cynthia, Olivia, Justin, Katherine, Christine, Evangelina, Ravi, James, Stan, Marsha, Jay, Michael


Reportbacks: Ravi and James report that the effort to structure and improve outreach and reportback process to Working Groups and to gather project information is moving forward. A meeting was held over the weekend and several people are getting through the tasks to create a survey for working groups, make it available online, and help working groups and other project leaders to share their information.

1. Internal processes and structure

– We agree we need to better describe what InfoHub is up to so that we can better involve and attract dedicated people.

–  Reliability is paramount for InfoHub activists given the access to celly, twitter, and other channels.

– Let’s improve outreach to working groups so they know how to use InfoHub to get their information and announcements out to the larger movement.

– Discussion includes printing cards again to describe how to use InfoHub.

– Olivia will share the existing procedures

– Hunter & Justin will get copies to the community

2. defining roles within the group to improve intake of new members

The group discusses a training process for the ComHub desk, off-site support tasks, info tabling suggestions

The disruption of access to the office interfered with the tabling efforts.

– Christine will bottom line getting a tabling schedule sorted

Cultivating new participants depends on the outreach to Working Groups survey.

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