Minutes of InfoHub weekly meeting, held 6pm 1/19/2012 at 60 Wall Street.

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Minutes of InfoHub weekly meeting, held 6pm 1/19/2012 at 60 Wall Street.

Attending: Evangelina, Megan, Cynthia, Tara, James

Megan is working on getting donated supplies, including computers, and in-kind donations.
James is working with Ravi, Phoebe, Amy, and Darrell on refining the reportback interview process with working groups.
Evangelina is working on reviewing and handling the more than 10K emails received, but not answered by OccupyWallSt.org. the group that created that website did not respond to their emails and has turned over that backlog to InfoHub to respond to. She is also managing InfoHub’s participation on the InterOccupy listserve.

1 – The Occupied Office relationship with landlords seems to be ending. A meeting to determine future action and maintain the office did not produce any strategies to resolve the problems.
2 – infoHub plans to purchase and deploy mobile hotspots in highly trafficked and important public spaces is on hold due to spending freeze. This project could have enable information diffusion to more OWS activists, created means for activists lacking Internet access to participate using online resources, and provided some of the value of the office to a larger OWS community. Ironically, it would have addressed some of the divisive inequities that emerged with the office and its limited access capability. Perhaps other funding can be obtained in the near future?

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