Minutes of Disability Caucus Meeting 5/22/12

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OWS Disability Caucus 5/22/12, 5:30pm, 60 Wall St.

Philip Bennett
Daniel Everett
Ramon Bellido
Danny Robert
Nadina Laspina
Larry Webber
Connie Lesold
Sunshine, Son of Love, Prince of Day.

We discuss meeting at Union Sq. near Gandhi Statue at Union Sq. West & E. 15 St. (and meet at CIDNY, 841 Broadway during bad weather) instead of here because more OWS people, literature there and this place is dying.
Last week we all agreed to meet at Union Sq. but there were only 5 of us.
We all agree here & now to meet in Union Sq. from now on.
Healthcare for the 99% meets Unio Sq. on Sundays 4 – 6.
We should invite people to bring bannors & signs to the meetings so we can be better seen & heard.
Connie: we should have teach-ins on healthcare in the park.
Other proposed teach-in topics: “Medicaid is medical apartheid,” disability pride, history, AOT, single-payer, personal assistance, disabled vendors, right to refuse treatment, etc.  We can have a different teach-in every week.  We can invite people from other groups, e.g. disability & feminism, healthcare, etc.  We can discuss our differences & similarities, establish a dialogue with other groups.
Sunshine: Urban Justice, 16th Fl., 123 Williams St. would also give us space in one of the conference rooms.
Next meeting: we should bring advertising, do chants, provide entertainment, make people aware of us & get them to listen to us.
Sunshine: we don’t need to get ourselves arrested to get attention.
Connie: stop-and-frisk march June 17, somewhere in Harlem, father’s day.
Sunshine: I get stopped-and-frisked all the time, I’ve learned how to talk to cops.
Vendors: many are veterans.  We should go to Urban Justice and ask vendors to participate.  To be a vendor you should’ve been in the military.  But easier to get business liscence than vendor’s lisence.
Connie: women vendors treated terribly, their stuff is seized and not returned.
Do we want politicians coming?  To listen, not to speak, don’t invite them, let them come on their own if they want.
Nadina: NY’s proposed single payer law, written by Gottfried, doesn’t include long-term care, shut-off after 3 or 5 years.
HR 676, the federal single-payer bill, includes long-term care.
But people with disabilities fear single-payer, afraid it’ll lead to rationing = reduction in service.
Nadina explains single-payer in Italy: no waiting list for important procedures.  Here in USA and poor there’s no waiting list but fewer medical providors accept medicare/medicaid and you’re forced to be poor.
Future OWS events:
Summer Disobediance School, all from 2 – 5 PM:
May 26, June 2 & 9, 2-5pm, Bryant Park, then June 16, 23 & 30 in Columbus Circle, then July 7, 14 & 21 at Wash Sq. Park and finally July 28, Aug. 4 & 11 in Liberty Park.
Sept. 17 will be BLACK MONDAY when we have a city-wide shut-down.
We are adjourned.

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