Minutes of Disability Caucus Meeting 4/3/12

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OWS Disability Caucus April 3, 2012

Daniel Everett
Paula Wolf
Nadina Laspina
Daniel Robert
Larry Webber
Philip Bennett
Carr Massi

Daniel distributes flyers for Mental Health Film Festival.
Minutes from last meeting submitted
Candlelight Vigil held 3/30/12: Danny gives report, Zoe Gross asked for a day of moarning, we gathered at Ghandi statue, read the names of the deceased murdered by parents and “care-givers.”  A Beautiful occasion, moving and satisfying.
Nadina: we connected with the autistic community, about 40 people there, 20 wheelchair-users, good turnout.  This was a Disability Caucus event.  Many OCS people there.  Paula: many of them were moved.  Rebbecca Myles from WBAI covered the Vigil.
At the vigil Nadina read the names of the murdered, emphasized these were hate crimes.
Am man is doing articles about Disabled people’s involvement with OWS.  Micky D., “minister of propaganda,” is published a lot.
Autistic Self-advocacy Network put vigil together to say it’s not just the parents who suffer.  Others call it mercy-killing.  But we are valuable.
Sunshine: March 29, 2012: Interfaith Medical Center rally and vigil in Bed-Stuy, beside LIRR below tracks.  He says he knows very little about the hospital though he was born there and have been treated there.  The Rev. spoke, good turn-out but it still may be closed.  DC 37 was there but they weren’t sufficiently informed about the event beforehand so few showed up.
April 1st march accross Brooklyn Bridge.
Philip gives report on April 1st march with help from Sunshine.
Nadina: 700 people arrested on Brooklyn Bridge 6 months ago.  April 1st march was to commemorate that.
Ouineke introduced herself, she avoids social media.
Up-coming events: tomorrow at Union Sq, April 4th.: Anniversary of Dr. King’s murder: mass rally, 6:30pm.  “A great meeting,” inviting us, want event on North end of park where Green Market usually is.  Want as many as possible.  Nadina: we want as many of us as possible.
April 14, Saturday: Central Park South, Wolman Skating Rink, 1pm -6pm: there will be a “transformative city-wide mass movement.” Building power.  Enter at 6th Ave entrance.  Very hilly so hard for manual W/c users.
Sunshine: my family involved with civil rights movement.  Should we have a table, distribute flyers?  Maybe Michelle can do her song again.  We should be able to do something.
Sunshine: many people left out because leaders not doing enough.
Ouineke: OWS addressing issues community leaders are not.
PAula: is this a good use of our time & energy?
Carr: PWDs need to tell Access-A-Ride where to go.
April 25th 12 midnight: action by ACT UP, demanding “Wall St. transaction tax” on every transaction to fund AIDS research, contact Josh, with healthcare for 99%.  More info on the way.
May Day, May 1st: whole day of action and general strike.
Union Sq. 4:20-4:45pm every day do an action, practicing for future actions.  Must be “an insider.”
Every Sat. is May Day group meeting.  Can plan exactly what you want to do, when you want to get arrested.
General strike: day of total solidarity, everyone misses day of work.  Nadina: 1% don’t work, they just receive money so 1%ers lose the most from general strike.
Civil disobediance means risking arrest.
April 25th action: we must be involved with healthcare for the 99% Sundays 4-6pm.
April 25th action to be announced at next DIA meeting.
Nadina: often if a meeting’s supposed to be at one place and major event happening elsewhere, meeting will be at the event.
Sunshine: I wish you’d have more events at Borough Park, Bklyn. where I work as a vendor.
Ouineke: NY Diagnostic Medical Center in Queens and other providers dismissing clients through answering service after hours.
We are adjourned.

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