Minutes of Disability Caucus Meeting 4/10/12

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OWS Disability Caucus April 10, 2012

Daniel Everett*
Nadina Laspina*
Daniel Robert*
Larry Webber*
Philip Bennett*
Dorothy Williams Perierra*
Marla de Fex*
Mandy Earley*
Connie Lesold*

Should we continue Disabilty Caucus?
Daniel: DC should continue because we can meet other people with Disabilities.
DorothY: Yes, place to learn what’s happening
Nadina: Meeting weekly is too much, we have accomplished things but if people don’t come we stop.  We must make movement

grow but we can’t if people don’t come to meetings.
Danny: the mission statement, to bring our message to OWS but we need to make a bigger dent and be more a part of OWS,

perhaps meeting in Union Sq.
Nadina: a lot of people at vigil but not at meetings, we need to motivate people to get involved.
Larry: Let’s not give up on this.
Marla: this is my 1st time, we have to represent, stick to our guns, can’t do much if once a month.
Philip: we should continue & meet on good days at Union Sq. & on bad days here.
Nadina: If Zaccotti Park open again this will be good.  Union Sq. good &, on bad days meet at CIDNY.
Mandy: from Toronto, organizing on Chronic illness issues.  Occupy movement in Toronto but not very together.
How to bring more people: Marla: food?  Word of mouth?  We must recruit.
Philip: college students supressed, told to focus on studies, period.
Marla: We can place an ad in Able News.
Get Able to cover Dis.Caucus.  We agree to contact Able.
Danny talks about April 2012 cover story.
Danny: every University must have people with Disability Office.
Nadina: we should bring flyers to places.
1) we need more flyers; 2) Danny will contact Angela Melledy & tell the story; 3) bring flyers to dis. students’ offices.
Ellen Nuzzi will do LIU, Marla can do CIDNY.
Nadina: Each borough has an ILC.

Universal Healthcare
Connie: healthcare is a civil rights, the right to choose treatment.
Dorothy: this is a economic issue.  Those considered a long-term burden on society are more likely to be let go.
Nadina: We used to say we are disabled, not sick.  But we’re trying to embrace the whole community, we must be less

rigid, we should join single-payer movement ie healthcare for all, one plan for all.  DIA supported single-payer, but

nationally we do little.  And we’re afraid of rocking the boat: if we go single-payer, we’re afraid assistance will be

rationed.  Promise of ADA won’t be realized till healthcare is remade.  So we should be involved with healthcare for the

99%, we need to work with that group.  Close Kingsborough Psychiatric Hospital & build housing for psych. survivors with

the money saved.
Nadina: emergency treatment hospitals should stay open, but places which incarcerate you should close.  We must teach

folks the difference.
All here support closing of KPH.

Action on April 25th with ACT UP: we’ll get details from Healthcare for 99% group and ACT UP.
April 14: big action and rehearsal in Central Park, 6th Ave. entrance, west of Wolman Rink.  Folks in manual chairs have

hard time getting there but the rest of us should be there. 1-6pm

Should we meet at Union Sq.? Since OWS is centering its actions there.

New Proposal for OWS: Danny says OWS people should apply as PCAs, form a network, be enlightened about consumer-directed

Live-in PA work: housing in return for doing something good, not committed to job, just to get one-on-one experience of

working with PWD.
This would be a safety net to integrate OWS with us.
Mandy: this is a great proposal.
Hearing on accessible taxis 4/19/12.

We are adjourned.

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