Minutes of Disability Caucus Meeting 05/15/12

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May 15, 2012

Occupy Wall Street

Disability Caucus Meeting



Daniel Robert – facilitating

Paula Wolff – note taker

Jonathan Sunshine

Larry Webber



We discussed the continuation of the Disability Caucus.

There has been poor attendance at meetings and few actions. Tonight there were 3 people present and then a fourth person came. With Danny’s PCA, Larry, we had five.

There seems to be little interest. Is the problem the meeting location which is difficult to get to by Access-A-Ride and by bus? Is it the day and/or time of the meetings? The frequency of the meetings?

We discussed the possibility of meeting at Union Square and at CIDNY if it rains (if we get permission from CIDNY Executive Director Susan Dooha to do so).

We decided to do a survey to assess interest and barriers to participation. Paula wrote a very rough draft and read this to the group. The rough draft is as follows:


Draft Survey – Disability Caucus – Occupy Wall Street

I am currently attending Disability Caucus meetings. Y__N__

If no, is it due to lack of interest at the present time? Y__ N__

If no, is it due to the meeting day? Y__ N__

Is it due to the meeting time? Y__ N__

Is it due to the meeting location? Y__N__

Preferred meeting day:_______

Preferred Meeting time:_______

Preferred Meeting location:___________

Preferred meeting frequency:

Weekly__Biweekly__Monthly__ When needed to plan a specific event only__

I cannot attend in person but wish to attend via Conference Call__ Computer__

I will check the web site to keep up with minutes and planned actions but cannot attend



Skills I can bring to the Disability Caucus of Occupy Wall Street:


Computer skills__


Write bills/proposals__

Participate in actions/events__





Is there a specific issue you would like to see the Disability Caucus focus on?






mailing address:

Do you have any accommodation needs?

(For example, use ASL, need assistive listening device, etc).





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