Minutes of Dec. 8 PaER Meeting

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Minutes of Politics and Electoral Reform Meeting, Dec. 8, 2011, 8 p.m., 60 Wall Street

POI: # in attendance at start of meeting = 9
[14 People Gross; 4 new members; 9 / 12 / 12 members (Beginning/Middle/End)]
Minutes by John Jaye

Facilitation Team : Tim (facilitator), Dustin (stack), John (minutes)


Introductions (two from San Fran, one from Albany)
Overview of hand signals and what PaER does, subgroups, for new members


Tim’s band “Universal Truth Machine” – playing Sunday evening 12/11, 5pm+  (Ding Dong Lounge – 929 Columbus Ave @ 106th St)

Jan 20 Action for Citizens United anniversary (for good representation see Daily show – march 16, 2010)

Occupy Themed Cartoon Blog – occupyjane.org

From Movement Building
Meeting to bring all of strategy ideas for movement – talk about future
Dec 18th – Pace University – 2:30-7pm (in Gym)

Report Backs

1. Overlap of movement groups

Working on getting a group together across different movement groups to share ideas and encourage communication

2. Update from Albany

City of Albany passed resolution rejecting corp personhood
Occupation is still in Academy Park
“Cousin” Political Strategy Working Group has been active – desire to connect, join forces, not be duplicative
Passed consensus statement

3. Report back on People before Parties

Presenting at GA Saturday for feedback, open forum Sunday at noon, edit as needed, then to GA next week
Inspiration for other groups, other groups have referenced, used – Rochester NY, Clifton OH
Idea of graphically representing the content


Agenda Items

1. Score Voting System Presentation

Handed out two-sided document
Score voting – as opposed to single option voting
Goal of finding the most generally preferred  option
Demotes polarizing demagogues
Takes care of the problem of “Spoilers” (don’t need to choose amongst them)

Great in general
Issue with the 0-100 – suggested that 0-5 would be better
Other formats  for range (0-100, 1-5, approve/disapprove)

2. Graphic Design Coordination

Need for an inside graphic designer
Good overlap with Viral Campaign
Potential to do info graphics (similar to www.visualizingeconomics.com)

3. Language for Constitutional Amendment

Read aloud “Constitutional Amendment #28 (Proposed Draft)”

Issue of timeframe re revolving door
Private money in system means we have unequal resources in other people hands – should have shared resources
Repeat violations issue – should be stronger; Example – John Corzine, Dick Cheney; Comment that repeat violation was there to allow for human error
Issue of encumbents  – would they be exempt?  General temp check was no they shouldn’t be
How does this stand up again the freedom of speech idea; Reply – speech not equal to money
Needs more elaboration on how the public funding/system would work
Some specific wording changes suggested: Criminal prosecution instead of “treason”;Revolving door issue – suggesting 10 years as timeframe; Issue of how to deal with news media without infringing on free speech
If you are a famous blogger – can you promote your ideas?: Do not want to restrict speech, but unequal speech; that area is grey
Suggestion – can’t use your employment to further a candidates agenda
Problem with not letting someone seek employment after service
Issue of encumbents – need to discuss further
Issue of freedom of speech – need to discuss further
Uncomfortable with the potential of “Speech Police”



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