Minutes of 12/4/2011 Meeting

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12/4/11 LGBTIQA Meeting Minutes


14 people in attendance



–reaching out to LGBT POC groups

–full LGBT equality pledge

–recent suspension of habeas corpus; right to detain US citizens indefinitely without trial if they are suspected terrorists  (tabled until next meeting)

–Next magazine story

–how to relay direct actions more efficiently to the QOWS facebook group

–subcommittees ie direct action

–connecting occupy movements, esp. Occupy Portland, ME

–review SIS/ office space info

–mental health support for LGBT occupiers

–physical presence in the park

–handout about LGBT economics

–finance issues



Next magazine story


–Jordan from Next magazine introduces herself and passes around a sheet for anyone who wants to be interviewed



Reaching out to LGBT POC groups


–Sean says that there is fear and anxiety in POC communities about joining LGBTIQA, that it might be connected to mainstream queer groups like HRC


–we have to let POC groups know that LGBTIQA is different


–is it more effective for POC to approach those groups since there is distrust?  Probably so


–should we make up a flyer/invitation to give to other queer groups?


–we should try to have LGBTIQA visibility at POC events


–some POC groups may not be open to non-POC



Input for LGBT equality pledge


–handout for proposed LGBT equality pledge being discussed in different grassroots queer organizations


–pledge lists all the laws that don’t provide for LGBT protection i.e. housing, employment, etc.


–pledge demands that LGBT congressional caucus support LGBT inclusion in these laws in 2012 and that politicians should sign the pledge by 2014


–send ?’s or suggestions to Tif



Direct action subcommittee


–Felix mentions the Tues 12/6 foreclosed home occupation


–finding out about OWS’ and other group’s actions is difficult


–different groups aren’t talking



Economic issues handout


–Joe has a handout relating economic issues to the LGBT community; it’s something to be handed out in the park and has the group’s info



Occupy Portland ME


–an occupier from Portland wants to discuss connecting the occupy movements


–people mention interoccupy and occupyequality


–someone passes around the book Against Equality (Queer critiques of gay marriage)



Presence in the park?


–Joe suggests we have regular hours in the park and more visibility there


–Jenn and others suggest that park activity is low at best and nothing during the week


–Jeff suggests that direct actions are needed to engage occupiers and the larger community


–mobile outreach is discussed—people bring up occupying Sheridan Square this month


–many possibilities for occupying Sheridan Square with the square’s history making it a politically charged spot for queers; it’s still a crossroads for the queer community


–an action was scheduled in 2 weeks (*note—action will not happen that day as planned b/c of conflicts); planning meeting will happen next Sat





–we have storage space, but it’s not easily accessible; still many issues concerning how to get coats, tents, supplies to members or make them aware of SIS’s location at 52 Broadway


–is it right for SIS to require a form be filled out in order to give out items?


–we will store our mobile outreach kit there so that anyone can grab it before an action or to do outreach in the park



Crisis Hotline


–can we staff an informational phone hotline for LGBT occupiers in crisis?


–many questions regarding staffing, training phone operators, etc.


–can we direct LGBT occupiers to other crisis hotlines like Trevor Project?



Finance issues


–who’s handling finances in Nate’s absence?


–what’s the process for getting money and turning in receipts?


–the group can get $100 from the office and then turn in receipts the next day


–we should make use of the money when planning outreach and actions




End of meeting followed by visit to SIS

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