Minutes of 12/29/2011 Meeting

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LGBTIQA Caucus Meeting Minutes (11/29/11)




Review Previous Meeting Minutes


World AIDs Day:

Rally Sponsored by Housing Works and many other groups

-Thursday at (Arrive at 10AM) 11AM


New Group:

Homeless Caucus – Razor (Contact Sparkle)




Community Support


Discuss Monday’s Spokes Council – Movement Growing Pains; disintegrated in violence. Occupiers feel disenfranchised, there is a need for occupiers meetings.


SIS – Original intended to find space for the Queer Caucus to store supplies. Some individuals feel the distribution needs to be more transparent and efficient. SIS meeting to follow. Holding Donations, Bureaucracy (Travel to Far Rockaway), Cannot give Medical Supplies


Action Items


Queer Caucus in Chicago (Allies)

-Material Support

-Community Chat to Connect All Queer Groups


Community Mental Health Support (Comfort Stations for LGBT Suicide Watch)

-MAB Mapping

Phone Hotline – Google Voice

Icarus Project Suicide Prevention Training (Contact Information)

Trevor Project (Contact Information)


Accessibility Working Group – Other Occupations have these groups, to aid with accessibility and ensuring inclusion of those is disabilities. If you would like to help contact Leslie Freeman (efemmeravt@yahoo.com), Michelle Mantione (5678shelly@gmail.com)

-Scouting for Marches

-Quiet Space

-Glossary of Terms: http://inclusioninthearts.org/projects/about-deal/glossary-of-preferred-terms/

-Coordinate with Cuny (Quny)

-Krips Occupy: http://www.facebook.com/groups/292346130795236

-Occupy at Home


*Proposal for Metrocards, Present to group on Sunday, Propose on Monday


Brochures (Joseph) – What Economic Issues should be Included


-AIDs and HIV

-Sex Work


Future Agenda: Possible Benefit

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