Minutes of 12/11/2011 Meeting

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About 10 attendees

Concensus and action items indicated with a +




- Direct action update

- Proposal – change time on Sundays, conflicts with direct action

- Overview of Christopher park meeting Saturday

- Equality pledge

- Solutions cluster presentation

- Spokes council

- High school group looking to talk to people about methods of protest

- Cable access show

- Outreach, growing the group

- Fund raising

- Group name, adding letters, communicating clearly




Saturday update

- We reviewed the minutes of Saturday’s meeting

- Updates and ideas

- Gift of love, little sisters of the poor,  Washington between 10th and Christopher.  House behind saint veronicas.   Residence for men with HIV.

- Two women were in the front of st. Vincents with save St. Vincents signs.   we should participate.   Health care working group is working with them.  They are keeping a presence there.  informing people who are going to buy condos in former St. Vincents about the history there.

- Poll for things to do

+ Start a Facebook thread to discuss jan 15th action

- Series of events in different neighborhoods to culminate toward something

- Hug in, minority stress

- Discussion on use of word occupy.  Can be controversial.  Has become part of vernacular.

- Discussion on use gentrification and the term “gay ghetto”.  Can be controversial.  what does it mean in terms of messaging?

- Don’t want to get back to the idea of ghetto.

- Don’t use word ghetto, but say that queers have been put out of their own spaces.  we need to sound sharp but inclusive. include allies.  consider gays displaced other people.

- Ghetto gives shock value.  We can’t be too politically correct or we give it to others

- Irony is gay people lead gentrification of many neighborhoods

- Each group needs a safe haven.   Gentrification has removed spaces where people can go to just meet and be, without having to spend money

- Gay owned businesses effected

- Constant survival.  We have gay marriage but still not respect we are deserving as humans

- Occupy is about people have been displaced and homeless because of corporate greed.  We need to carve out safe space

- Anti-violence project has a list of safe spaces for time of crisis

- See about foreclosures in traditionally gay neighborhoods




Proposal for new time, because of conflict with direct action strategy meeting.

- Propose new time of 1pm-3pm on Sunday

+ Facebook poll on new time, to close on Wednesday for final decision



Solutions working group

- Bring together vision and goals, demands, open source, caucuses, etc

- First meeting today at 4.

- Looking to become official before new years

- Coordinates communication, discussion, sharing

- We have issues like redundant or split groups

+ Tif attended this meeting after our meeting



Spokes council representatives

- Spokes are Monday, Wednesday, Friday

- Need to share actions at GA and spokes

+ Sign up sheet at Facebook

- Groups we should go to: spokes, direct action, solutions cluster, housing



Outreach and fund raising

- Canvassing

- Have an indoor fund raising event

- How do we do accounting, hold funds, legal issues.

- Raising money would help with ga proposals

- Introductory event to invite queer organizations to

- List of friendly spaces we can use for events

- Canvassing, just being present in public places with visibility and materials

+ Sean talked to finance after the meeting and got some answers.



Direct action update

- Monday morning 7:30pm action, in solidarity with west coast port shutdown




- Proposal to add Ts for two-spirit and Z for zee

- The name will be Queer, then a slash, then whatever collection of letters let us be most inclusive.  Look at what other groups are using.

- Ask people if they want any more letters


+ Consensus



Equality pledge

- Omnibus equality bill

- Pledge was read at meeting

- Asking for endorsement.  Reading during actions.   Get people to sign petitions.

+ Consensus

- Submit to demands groups



Cable Access Show

- John-Frderick has a show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, public access tv, “Rosa Melitas Footage”


- He would like to take videos of actions, interviews, and discussions for the show.

- Also proposing setting up a live discussion format show with possible guests and call in.

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