Minutes of 11/20 meeting

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Minutes of OWS Queer Caucus Meeting – November 20 2011


This was our first meeting after the raid.


Value of continuing the group

- OWS is a large movement that has gained a lot of power

- QOWS purpose at first was to interact with the park.  Some cohesion was beginning to happen toward the end.

- OWS effects queer issues vs queer issues effect OWS.

- Important to keep showing up

- Be involved in other parts of OWS.  Help movement get back on its feet by participating.

- The spokes council is still around

- Let everyone know we are here and it is safe.  Park will never be the same but it cannot be abandoned.

- Bring relevant books for library, especially GLBTQ, gender studies, etc.

- Need to improve diversity of future meetings.



Focus on outreach

- QOWS members are encouraged to participate in other working groups

- Facilitation, direct action, political and electoral reform



Justice in el Barrio

- Proposal for QOWS to endorse the event “NYC Encuentro for Humanity & Against Neoliberalism” hosted by “Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign for New York”

- Sunday, December 4 at 3pm, East Harlem.  Exact location TBA

- Represents all oppressed and marginalized people.

+ Endorsed by consensus

- On Tuesday OWS wide endorsement proposal will be presented at the GA




- QOWS checks in and maintains a presence near the corner of Broadway and Liberty, by the People’s Library

- Meetings are at 60 Wall St, 2pm on Sundays, 8:30 pm on Tuesdays.

- We can gather before the meeting at Liberty/Zuccotti park and then head over to 60 Wall for the meeting time.



Petition proposal

- Letter to Christine Quinn about how the eviction and raid of OWS made several GLBTQ persons houseless again.

- Political and electoral reform is OWS’s political pressure group




- We need fliers to hand out at the park to let people know of our presence


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