Minutes of 11/09 meeting

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Queering OWS 11/09




Quick Discussion on Involvement and Working Groups




1.         Working Group Report on Statement

  • Read Mission Statement (Group Description from our Website)
  • Three Additions (Solidarity, Economic Justice, Safer-Spaces) – It was explained that the e-mail group working to redraft a mission statement for QOWS would like to add language on the above three revisions. They will be working to create a new draft and will report back soon.


2.         Internal Outreach to LGBT Organizations

– QOWS is not visible enough

Ideas to promote visibility:

  • Improve Table Visibility and Appearance – It was explained that the table looks bad. It was suggested that bright colors and more flashy decoration could vastly improve the queer visibility and presence on the ground.
  • Potluck Dinner or Serving Dinner with Kitchen Working Group – Work with the Food/Kitchen working group to serve dinner to the occupiers one night. This would not only allow us to connect with another working group on a physical level but also with the occupiers living at the square who we may or may not know about.
  • Walkers and Talkers (Moving about the Occupation, Build Relationships)
    • Buddy System – Individuals work as a team to comb the west side of the park and engage people to find out how to better serve them and the queer community of OWS.
    • Flyers with Mission Statement and Information


3.         Communication with other Queer Groups

  • Explanation of Splinter Groups – It was explained why a portion of QOWS has splintered off and the new groups that were formed from that. We also discussed occurrences of other group splintering.
  • Sensitivity, Privilege – We discussed reaching out to those who splintered from QOWS when we are ready to show them that we’ve actively adopted new methods of inclusion.


4.         How to make QOWS a Welcoming Space

  • More Diverse Facilitation – We need more trained and willing facilitators to lead meetings. We cannot continue to have the same four-five people leading meetings.
  • Facilitator Script (Step Up-Step Back, Practice of Inclusion and Checking Privilege) – The development of a quick script that is read at the beginning of every meeting to inform group members and new comers of the policies QOWS has adopted to promote inclusivity, diversity and active participation.
  • Reduce number of Meetings to Increase Group Diversity – The sentiment was expressed that some meetings are more diverse while others are not so it was discussed that reducing the number of meetings could promote more participation and more diversity.


5.         Meeting Times and Schedule

Due to the spokes council meeting Mon, Wed, Fri we discussed both online and in person that moving the meetings to Tue, Thurs, Sun would be best. It was then discussed that less meetings would mean more participation or more diversity.

It was decided that we would go down to two days a week, Tuesday and Sunday, as well as have one meeting time early. We decided on Tuesday 8:30-9:30PM and Sunday 2-3PM. These new meeting times will be adopted next week.

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