Meeting Minutes Jan 13th 2012

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Occupy Farms Emergency/Impromptu Finance meeting

Jan. 13 2012


All decisions are in bold type.

– Michelle was a point person, she’s usually not here, we talked to her and she is happy to step down from that position. Michelle is no longer a financial point person… Consensus!

– Beer and cigarettes will not be refunded with and/or paid for by Occupy Farms money. Ever.


– It is understood that any bus tickets purchased through consensus to get to and from farms before this date and not after shall be reimbursed out of the daily budget for that specified date.


– No personal food receipts will be refunded with and/or paid for by Occupy Farms money. Ever.


– Farm stays should be scheduled. We should calculate how much food we will need to feed the occupiers while they are there, and find other cheaper options to feed them. Salvage, Kitchen, etc. Exhaust all options for food before spending food money.

– We haven’t had a food donation to kitchen in over a month. Kitchen is slowing down. We will send food out for as long as we can, but it won’t be enough.

– Farm food will be sourced from kitchen. If food amount is not sufficient we may get refunds out of the daily budget.


– Working parties in NYC will not be refunded for food. A proposal will be made to kitchen in advance to supply food.


– Transportation budget will only be spent on consented trips to and from farms.


– Any expenditures must be consented upon in an open scheduled meeting of at least 5 people.


– A proposal is being worked on to get money from kitchen for a trip of all food oriented groups to visit other farms in the northeast. That will be up on the list serve.

Amendment: all of these decisions are open to be changed by the group at a later date.



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