01.18.2012: NYCGA Council (Working Group) Minutes

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Meeting Locale:   The Atrium, 60 Wall Street

Present: Chris, Nathan, Michael, Occupier (1) , Justin (1), Nan,

Occupier (2) Justin (2), Trish

Recorder/Transcript: Trish

AGENDA: Discussion

  1. Spending Freeze
  2. NYCGA (Working Group) Flyers

Report Backs: Networked with several groups and others who are not directly active within the movement. Strong interest shown. Will direct them to the googlegroup because of the abusive language on nycga.net

GA Outreach, wants palm cards explaining the role the GA plays within the movement, GA Meeting Schedule/Time, etc.

  1. The GA Spending Freeze Sub-group was formed. (See documents)
  2. Consensus:  Contact printing WG: Palm cards, to be distributed during outreach.


FYI: The overwhelming support shown on nycga.net and other OWS online sites, supporting the General Assembly Spending Freeze Proposal.

GA (Working Group) Spending Freeze Committee met Saturday, 01.21.2012 @ The Atrium, 60 Wall Street. (Awaiting report back.)

7 Responses to “01.18.2012: NYCGA Council (Working Group) Minutes”

  1. Justin Stone-Diaz

    #PointOfInformation: I was NOT ALLOWED to attend this meeting. Please REMOVE my name.

    • Sean McKeown

      It would seem to me, that if the meetings are not open, that is more damning than “please take my name off this list.” Perhaps you should mention this to the InfoHub / ComHub group, as “open meetings” is required to be an active group, and presently this group is only technically a working group due to claims of technical troubles causing noncompliance in meeting scheduling – if, in fact, there is multiple flavors of noncompliance, it should be mentioned to the appropriate parties.

      • Sally Marks

        Sean, if that is true, if a WG has closed meetings then there is a problem. Finance/Accounting has closed meetings regularly (for which, no minutes are ever posted) and state this fact in many threads here. When it has open meetings they are followed by grossly incomplete meeting minutes.

        What are the steps required to dissolve a non-compliance group?

  2. Trish OWS

    Hi Sally,

    We’re the WG in question! Don’t know the full story, but, i’m just coming across this

    thread….(nearly a month after the meeting in question)

    Revi, is the individual you should contact regarding this issue or Info/Comhub, or tech/ops.

    If you, can’t let me know? I’ve got some back up that may may things more transparent.

    Also, I attended a GA where there was an issue that all working groups had to have open meetings. IT WAS BLOCKED.

    NOT MY block it, I think all OWS groups should have open meetings.

    AND, the fact of the matter is that, OWS WG ONLY HAVE TO HAVE ONE OPEN MEETING A MONTH ATTENDED BY AT LEAST FIVE(5) PERSONS to continue in compliance with the January 20, 2012 GA passed INFO/Comhub PROPOSAL.

    IMPORTANT: Don’t recognize this face (Justin) as ever having attended a meeting open/closed. But, I can recognized other faces, with the name of Justin.

    WG’s, always have copies of your minutes, we use a directional.

    Let me know if in the future you need more up to date, on spot, accurate, unbias feedback or GA info, that’s why we created the WG

    Apart from this continue to do the GREAT JOB you’ve been doing and beware of those who would attempted to focus your acute perceptions to baseless poo-hoo.

    IN documents (google) there’s an interesting Proposal to Ban A violent individual from Spokes Council.

    Got …..Work to do!

  3. Trish OWS

    And, Sally…

    A proposal can be made to the NYC General Assembly to DISBAND an OWS

    Working Group, BUT it states for issues having to do with violating the

    Principles of Solidarity?

    There really isn’t any steps to dissolve an OWS working group (lack of compliance), but it looks like someone has you asking the question?

    Again this is all posted here nycga.net under groups (info,etc)

  4. Sally Marks

    I just think it is interesting that a closed meeting was considerd by some to a justifiable reason to ‘delete’ a WG.

    Some apparently, do not see the pot talking to the kettle. Or the Goose to the Gander.

  5. Trish OWS


    Closed meetings, were referred to as secret meetings before the General

    Assembly address the issue.

    And the issue became urgent because of Finance/Accounting, and their meeting being held w/o formal announcement.

    Also, there was the issue of Direct Action, and their operating w/o alerting general community to their actions/business.

    I’m sure there are other working groups which meet behind closed doors, before opening up what has been discussed in an open meeting, don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing.

    Let’s face it there within OWS who will try anything to demean individuals, WGs, efforts, and sincere initiatives to further their personal agenda.

    NYCGA Council will be addressing this issue during the coming workshops