[MINUTES] LSGA Wednesday Meeting 2/22/12

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Attendence: Jason, Katherine Flowers, Justin SD, Ethan D, Raven, Max, Felix

Minutes: Justin

Discussion of Flyer help with working groups
MetroCard Discussion: Why #LSGA doesn’t ask for them:
PURE affinty group, if we got $ or support we’d become an #NYCGA Working Group & loose the group’s pure autonomy.
Members of this group are all stakeholders in other groups or are connected with existing groups
No need, also leads through example.
If we took funds group would be beholden to #NYCGA deeeper.

#M17 Report Back
March on 17th from Liberty Plaza to Irish Memorial Leaves at 1PM
Help with Tabling & pre march crowd
More info to come

Bike Working Group Formed Discussion of lack of bike racks at Liberty Plaza

May Day: #MDAY= May Day at Liberty Square Events
‘Beard Battle/ OWS Facial hair Contest’
#Queering #OWS Green Man/ Wall Street Bull Puppet Parade
May Day After Dark Events: #Occunalia Occupy the Dance Floor & Glow March
Events to compliment off site Actions

Charlotte’s Place Green Machine Planter: Need to pick day to work on to help
Discussion on supporting space deeper, less impact

#OccupyTownSquare on Sunday group giving full support & will not be around Liberty Square

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