[MINUTES] #LSGA GSD MeetUp 12/21/11 1-4 PM

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Jason Less
Justin Stone-Diaz
Henry Dawson
Ethan Dale
Katherine FLower
Sam C.
Dolii Ortiz
Marsha Fabric Arts
OccupyBeer Guy
Alt Currencies Woman/ Organizer

Justin Minute Taker

Agenda Temp Check Taken, Good
Agenda Read
Meeting Times/ Structure Agreed upon

COMPLIMENT NOT COMPETE Motto Discussion & Temp Check- quick good
Need it in latin? Get Design to help with use. post on online wg

Report Back from Occupy Farms- Jason

GSD Group Meeting Structure Discussion- jsd, ed, hd, r, jl

Discussion about Proposals & Working Group Budget Requests

Alt Currencies Proposal for Web Portal Store- temp check good

Metro Pass Issue- People not getting Passes unless known by existing WG Members- KF

Micro VS Macro Rant- jsd, ed, hd, sc

Creation of On Ground ENews/ News updates for WSJ- KF to form break out

Fact Sheet for New Occupiers & Visitors- kf, hd, jl, r

Need for weather proof non specific id badges for wg members at square r, hd, sc,

Need for Info Tables starting Jan 2- H D
Support Discussion for physical Protestors still at Square-

Comfort & SiS Space Needs. hd, nan, jsd, r
Tides Foundation Project Support

Mobile Info Concept Developed by Scott in Info- Haywood or Caroline? JSD

Requests for support in 2012:

Alt Currencies building Webstore- Raven, Justin & Katherine to help
OWS Screen Printing Guild WG Shirt connection- Ethan
Transparency SM Team- Table till find people
Weekly Lunch at Liberty Square Wednesday with Chef Eric
OccupyBike/ Transpo WG forming for direct aid to square- Nan
OccupyBeer & OccupySpeakEasy Event Spaces
Homeless WG & Caucus need more support & comfort

Kitchen Special Needs Discussion-  Nan & angry southern kid (love him!)
NVC Conference Daily- Needs more WG participation

Gifting & NO $ Model Discussion- Ethics Guy

#OccupyChristmas Discussion- Dec 25th at Liberty Square 3 PM.
Hot Foods, Single Servings. Secret Santa, Diabetic Safe Treats

Office Access for Katherine FLowers

Candlelight Assembly- Time talked about, Direct Action’s Plans. jsd, ed, hd

Meeting time pre 1st #lsga Wed Dec 28th at Charlotte’s Place 1 PM

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