[MINUTES] LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Org Meeting 2/19

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Please Note:
The group attempted to meet on 2/12 but only had 4 attendees. Informal Discussion was had, agreed to meet on 2/19

Sunday Feb 19th LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Meeting 1-2 PM

Attendees: Justin

Discussion about #Queering #OWS WG being formed by Tiff & Jen to deal with two sides of group.
Will announce at GA. Queering OWS will be it’s own WG Sub Group for various reasons.
More info to come
Discussion of last 2 meetings & lack of attendence
Changing of meeting to Saturday 2PM to park Proposed & Agreed
Talk about how to include Lesbian & Trans particaption: Talk to those people & ask one on one
Share WG building tools with Women Caucus members (Maybe a Women’s Focused WG?)
Discussion tabled: Frenchy only member of community & said “Silly Gays, Talk to the Girls”
Major Uptwinkles, boys apoligize for speaking for others in community.

Discussion of focus of group: Occupier & #OWS Community Member Support THEN Politics.
Need to make sure our communities are rep’d in #OWS before
Lead through Example Discussion: Group should demostrate partication in other WGs ie Join Direct Action, A &C, ect
Discussion of #OccupyTownSquare on Feb 26th #GlitterBomb Your Pussy Outreach & Pet Food Drive
Need People to staff table, create signs, need glitter & art suplies
SiS visit needed
#MDay Costume building idea Guy Fawkes with Green Leaves & lights
Group will start buying V is for Vendenta Masks (on their own, own expenses) for costumes
Discussion about Toga Outfits

#OccupyFireIsland June 20th
Creation of annual #Occupy Event. Bring the 99% to the 1% Fantasy island.
Low impact, ONE night event camping
Finding of allies on FI needed
Discussion with Community on Island first

Use Saturday meeting to help support Occupy at Liberty Plaza & begin planing for May Day & Spring

Metro Pass Point People: Felix & Billy
Cards should go to Felix, Billy, Razor & other houseless Caucus Members
Discussion about #Queering #OWS & Their metro cards (Part of reason sep WG)
Group will have 2 extra cards the first week Billy & Felix to distrubute with understanding it is only for 1 week
Where other cards go will be a GROUP choice to avoid drama & scramble
Will help group plan ahead & have more stability.

Group will meet next week at Park at 2PM.

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