Minutes – InterOcc Subgroup – 11/23/11

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  1. Determine our Response to London Requests
    1. Joining an Assemblies-only listservthe idea is to have a working group in each occupy that emails out to inter-assembly communication.  ie, all communications go through interoccny.
      1. This sounds like what we are intending to be with interoccupy so the only thing we’d need is to create an email address.  The mailing list is already built in London, we just need to send a group email address from interoccupyny.
      2. Decision:  add email address interocc@nycga.net 


  1. What if it gets too noisy?
  2. Suggestion:  have something in the subject line to designate location so that you could sort it out in your email
  3. Suggestion:  set protocols to addressing the emails, ie country, then state.
  4. Suggestion:  as we are doing outreach we can talk about the list


  1. Decision: Michael will ask Drew for the email address.
  2. Do we want a Google group for Interoccny?

i.     Possibly not necessary, we have the movement building.

  1. What about discussions regarding the email?  Some things that need to be sent to the larger group may not wait until the next interocc meeting to agree on.
    1. Suggestion:   Maybe we could have the email say “InterOcc” in the subject line, then put a cut-off time on responses.  For things that are urgent, put Urgent in the subject line.
    2. Suggestions for email behavior:
  • Simple inbox
  • Forwarding directly to email addresses
  • Post to interocc.org
  • Posting to interocc with the option of forwarding to email

Decision:  we will start with a simple inbox that the group will have access to and see how that goes.



  1. Joining the international dialogue via facebook and calls:   request to join calls from squares and Facebook pages from other Occupies so that each Occupy can get a sense of what’s going on internationally.
    1. Would we like to do this individually or would we do this as a group, bottom line it?
    2.  We don’t have enough info to answer that question.  Maybe give us some time to take a look?
      1. What is the purpose of the calls and what is the difference between them and the Interoccupy calls?
      2.   The calls are currently more individual, not assembly oriented.  The interest was in setting up an international call.
        1. We are already considering making the current InterOcc more international.  We are willing to join a call if it is already set up but are not ready to expand InterOcc calls internationally yet.
        2. Decision:  London co-hosted call postponed.


  1. Joining an inter-assembly creation of global statement:  GA in London is interested in coordinated a global statement.
    1. Suggestion:  It might be too early for this
    2. Suggestion:  If we can keep it so simple that we can agree, it might get passed at GA
    3. Suggestion:  since the request came to InterOcc from InterOcc so we shouldn’t let it go.  Maybe offer to Visions and Goals?
    4. Suggestion:  Could there be a mechanism or group set up for this discussion virtually?
    5. We are starting a communication mechanism on the site for GAs to post from one GA to other GAs.


  1. co-hosting a call with London/US on 12/2 at 1pm EST:  see b above
  2. cross-pollination:  see b above
  3. Report back – full support from Occupy London!



  1. Communiqué:  The communiqué was passed at GA. How will we get the word out to all assemblies?
    1. Suggestion:  Outreach
      1. Suggestion:  Maybe some people work on some essay that explains what we are up to on this, what the InterOcc is doing, the theory, that might help outreach.
    2. Suggestion:  Put the communique up on interoccupy.org,
    3. Suggestion:  Send it to occupy coord list, occupy list
    4. Suggestion:  Send it to Ella
    5. Suggestion:  Work with PR to get it out to press/press release
    6. Decision:  All of the above:
      1. Update the document and post it on interoccupy.org – Michael
      2. Work with PR on press release – Nate
      3. Get in touch with Twitter posters and occupy contact list – JackRabbit
      4. After it’s updated, send link to Ella, coordination list – Tammi
      5. Facebook push to groups from Solidarity Rising – Hassab


  1. Local inter-occupation communication:  it has been suggested that we start focusing more on NYC-based inter-assembly interaction. Is there a need? Should we start an effort for this?
    1. Decision:  Sumumba has a contact list for the other occupies.  He Goes up to Harlem, etc to outreach, educate, etc.  He will float the idea with other Occupies in NYC and will come back with a report.
    2. Decision:  Hold a meeting for all GAs around the city
      1. We should pay for transportation
      2. At the meeting, we will talk about how to build funding, etc, and replicate the emerging occupation model.  We can use the materials posted but do it in person.
      3. We will combine and schedule the meeting for before Visions and Goals on the and 18th
      4. Suggestion:  Should we have a conference call first?
      5. Suggestion: Should we combine meeting with subsequent conference calls for NYC interoccs?


  1. Brian Burt, suggested format for outreach using Maestroconference:  this could be discussed here instead of movement coordination.   It relates to conference calls with wider audiences to increase involvement with Occupy. I’d like to do a report back on my conversation with him and see if this is something we want to pursue as a group.
    1. Is this something for outreach?
      1. Suggestion:  possible conversation for Tuesday.
      2. Decision:  Michael will write an email and Tammi will take it to Outreach and see what they say.


  1. Occupy Together:  Ella/Occupy Together/Take the square came to discuss collaboration and hear ideas.  Occupy Together/Take to the Square is an international platform for organizing, ie lots of mailing lists and keyword searching for events/occupies.  Occupy Together lists national actions but refrains from “organizing”.
    1.   Does Occupy Together have a verification system?
      1.   It did in the beginning but that got unwieldy.  Ella’s team can research actively via websites for the occupies that want to list on Occupy Together but verification/authentication a continual process. They try their best.
    2.   How can we connect Interoccupy with Take the Square?
      1. Suggestion:  Links each website for the other?
      2. The strongest thing about Interocc is that we all have a commitment to the principles of the movement and are not trying to become a national coordination.  Interoccny is not a governing body and it is more of a collaborative effort among all the interoccs.  interoccupy.org was started by New York, originally for minutes posting and schedules but now it is expanding.  We are still trying to figure out what the protocol will be for posting to the site.  Right now everyone has access to it and multiple people can post to it.  A forum could be helpful. There will be a call to discuss the structure of interoccupy.org on Friday.
      3. Suggestion:  Consider posting a link to Occupy Together for most actions but keeping the major actions keep on Interoccupy.org.  There is a bit of a struggle with the consensus process to populate Interoccupy but there is less red tape at Occupy Together.  Perhaps it would be easier for people to post their action.  Consider directing others who request to post on Interoccupy to Occupy Together.
      4. Suggestion:  How about listing beyond Spain, ie London, Egypt, etc?
        1. There are some actions posted internationally but Occupy Together does not want to focus on geo-specific actions.
        2. Each Interoccupy is accountable to their GA, each in their own way.  Ie, it is not mandated in Philly but is an open group.  The GA in Philly wouldn’t likely decide to make it mandatory.
        3. Suggestion:  We would like to collaborate more.  Maybe Occupy Together could use us as an authentication service and InterOccupy could use Occupy Together as a place to direct actions for quick posting.
          1. Ella would like to keep communications open and thinks communication is very needed.
          2. Suggestion:  Also we are losing people on our calls so we could use some outreach.  Consider putting on Occupy Together conference call info?
          3. Suggestion:  Could there be a forum for people to share best practices?
            1. We will discuss this on the Friday call.
            2. In terms of combining InterOccupy and Occupy Together’s forums, the discussions are too focused on different things.  Occupy Together forums are very focused on theory rather than action.
            3. Would you consider using a different conference calling application that might lend itself better to international participation?
              1. We are committed to Maestro because you can get on it without getting on to a computer.  There has been a dialogue about the best platform but right now we have a consensus on Maestro.  However when we get to the place where we are international that could change.  Right now calls are just North America.  But we did choose not refer to the calls as “National” becayse we expect it to eventually go international.
              2. Suggestion:  The international conversation is done over Mumble and if we are considering ways to talk internationally we might consider what we are already using.  Or possibly Teamspeak.
              3. Decision:  Tammi will be on all the email lists (a signup was sent around) and will join us for Friday’s call.






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