[MINUTES] Group Organizational Meeting May 3rd

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Facilition Meeting Minutes May 3rd 60 Wall Street
Minutes Taken by Justin Stone-Diaz & Darrell
Faciltation: Liza
Katherine Flowers
Justin Stone-Diaz
Billay A Livsey
Liza Sabater
Stan Williams
Darrell Prince
Meeting Location Change
Liza, Justin Daryl to be added as admin nycga.net Consented
Add Facilition Process on Wiki-  Consented
Move meetings from 60 wall street to union square- Consented
Mailing list begun by Liza/Justin Consented
Email working groups to inform about creating group again
NYcga.net emails for group
Issues with Union Square
Fustration with dif levels of community
Lack of Central Location, Events
Reality of no perm camp
D17 Issues
Bring back GAs
Needed Deesculation
Need for NYC central location
Support for full time occupiers (food & shelter)
Need to help conversations as conversation not pure procesees
Writing down of events at meetings
Sharing of existing info
Importance of Time, ie extensions
Step Up & Step Back concepts
Need for deesculation
Need to include Deseculation as requirement as team
Need for disussion on Blocking
Darrell feels that without a written process document, brought to GA’s and assemblies, you have no process.
Every time there is a major issue at a meeting, the problem, and the resolution needs to be written down and discussed at the next facilitation  meeting.
Time is critical… agendas set for 25 mintutes have to be 25 minutes, and if not, tabled
Stacy feels that blocks have to be thought about.. what one is.
Liza wants a traveling GA
Stacey thinks there should be a soapbox section
Justin thinks it ended alot of community participation when they switched to announcements at the end.
Stan doesnt feel like facilitation was a major part of GA problems
Micheal feels like nycga has the worst assemblys, we should reach out to other groups and see how it goes
Apparently the OCCu evolve  does a great job with Sumumba
Zach  feels like spokes council should handle money, and not General Assembly.. working groups that have budgets are represented.
Liza thinks we need to know the people who you are with.. we should register our members.
Darrell feels we should redefine blocks, because they are really votes against, with a 90% value
Bud said theat the anarchist and communists in occupy pittsburgh, and went to an occupy everything
They have spkedscouncil
Affinty group councils
Bud thinks it is possible to get everyones approval, i=with patience ‘
NEXT MEETING AT Union Square Saturday 4 PM.

Link to Occupy.net minutes/notes

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