[MINUTES] Group Organizational Meeting May 23

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date: 5/24
justin sd, charlie, aislinn, josh ehr, ethan, joshua, pockets (ec),
minutes: pockets
fac: charlie

group intros
sharing of backdrop with group & occupy

discussion of past group step back & how it diem-powered #NYCGA
no consensus with out full facilitation group: minutes, vibes, livestream & community participation
several working groups & affinity groups have proposals to bring
operational working groups bringing small budgets
deescalation wg will step up to help with GAs

small group at meeting no firm plans or decisions until future meetings

the group discusses when the next proposed GA should be on
its between the 17th, 23rd, 20th
put a web poll online occupy.net in order to choose the date of the next GA
use online tools to help foster community buy in/ participation

the group came to consensus about the online poll

promote weekly meetings wednesdays & sundays to continue convos

create flyers with times of future fac meetings

people should join facilitation@lists.occupy.net #NYCGA Facilitation Working Group List

find stakeholders in minutes, livestream, meditation, deescalation & former facilitation members to begin discussion via weekly meetings

connect with open spaces, occuevolve & feminist GA to help with how 1st #nycga should go

help draft letter to groups

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