[MINUTES] Group Organizational Meeting July 23 & #NYCGA Proposal

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Attendence: Justin SD, Ethan, Frenchie, Chris, Dre, Alec, Tex, Jennifer
Minutes Taker: Justin SD

Report back on past couple weeks of meetings
Usually 1-3 people show up

Discussion of too many meetings & location of meetings
Trinity Sleeps has moved much of community by Liberty

Changing of Meeting to single day

New Meeting Time Sundays 4 PM at Liberty Group Consented

Occupy Town Square Report Back: Fun group had flyers at table but we should do outreach or table

#S17 Discussion/Project: Create Tents on Poles

Report Back on Metro Cards for Working Groups:
Former point person stepped back when it was unclear of how to proceed
There are still funds for one more round of Metro Cards (1 Per WG) but no point person
GA/Finance would have to be consulted about how to proceed
Possible GA has to adjust old proposal to allow new point person?

Report Back about Hacking The Digital Divide Un Conference Sept 20-24
Possible Housing Options for Out of Town Visitors

Discussion of Sleepful Protests

Discussion of #NYCGA Solidarity Statement for Occupy Union Square & Trinity Sleeps

Encampments need support from Community
Solidarity Statement would allow the movement to discuss the tactics & ask questions
People from both camps will come to present the proposal & speak to concerns

A Proposal From Occupy Wall Street Housing Working Group:
To be presented at July 28th #NYCGA at Liberty Plaza
We the community of Occupy Wall Street stand in solidarity with the physical encampments located at Union Square & Trinity Church at the foot of Wall Street in New York City.
We encourage all Working Groups, Affinity Groups, Occupations & members of Occupy Wall Street movement to
support their continued efforts to reclaim the commons through direct non violent action.

Occupy Notes Version

Groups will make print outs of proposal & list of #NeedsOfTheOccupiers for GA

Next meeting Sunday at 4 PM Liberty Plaza


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