[MINUTES] Group Organization Meeting Feb 9th InfoHub becomes Occupy Info & ComHub

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InfoHub Weekly Organizational Meeting
60 Wall Street 6PM

Minutes taken by Justin
Attendance Olivia, Katherine Flowers, Felix, Stan, Ethan, Brian, Gary, Marsha

Unmerging of ComHub & Information Operational Group
Group Definitions, Structure

Group Discussion of Seperation of two Groups from Info Hub into: ComHub & Occupy Information
Culture Conflict between nature & functions of groups
Both Doing excellent work but with membership growth & community participation makes sense to splt
Future Metro Pass & Budget Goals would conflict
Macro & Micro division:
Movement & Park, Top Down vs Bottom Up model of information handling
Information WG (Occupy Info) facilitates & promotes NYCGA working group information
ComHub WG cultivates & organizes via information practices
Two groups will still function as sister groups but 100% independent

[Proposal] Split InfoHub back into it’s two original groups:
Information Operational Group & Com Hub Working Groups with
Info group becoming ‘Occupy Info’ with the understanding if it doesn’t work out the two groups will discuss re merging.

Uptwinkles AFTER:

Discussion about using Email for Community reaction & input.
Discussion about #OWS Working Groups being participatory
Group Unmerging had been announced for a week at GAs & Spokes Councils.
Organizational Meetings are weekly, public & announced: feedback had been called for
Discussion of ComHub holding an organizational meeting Occupy Info can attend to help with transition
Discussion about what to do if groups needed to re merge

InfoHub will now be known as ‘Occupy Info’
& will return to it’s original mission with a micro/ park/ street support focus for NYCGA working groups.

ComHub MTA Point Person Evanglina (Need 2nd)
ComHub Finance Point Person Evanglina (Need 2nd)
OccupyInfo MTA Point Person Justin + Hunter
OccupyInfo Finance Point Person Justin + Hunter

ComHub’s online WG will be reactivated & InfoHub’s name becomes OccupyInfo
OccupyInfo members plan to be active in both to help systems transitions

Group(s) Meeting Time?
ComHub likes to meet bi-weekly due to staffing
Discussion about keeping weekly Thursday Meeting 6 PM 60 Wall Street
ComHub will post their next meeting & OccupyInfo people will attend

Occupy Info will keep Thursday 6PM Meetings with a special bi-weekly

What to do with existing project lists & group to dos?
Punch List/ Current Projects assembled by ComHub & Organization WG
No clarity on who is responsible in the end- OccupyInfo will help ComHub sort it out

Discussion about group splitting is really in name only as groups were never able to merge

Was group project with several original WGs (Outreach, Info, ComHub, Education)
Ronnie ONLY point person, not responding to emails
Group will try & find out what is going on & help create 2nd point person
Printing 1/4 Sheets for WG Organizational Meetings: FundHub, Queering OWS, Fabric Arts, Black Knights, Council of Elders, Info
Street teams like small size & simplicity
KISS: B&W cheaper easier for distrubution
Discussion about Vests w/ Pockets

Housing Group: Occupy Town Hall II Sat Feb 11th Frank Morales
Council of Elders: #Elderday community events on Sundays

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