Minutes from Translation Working Group 3/10/12

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Present: Daniel, Owen, Marco, Greg

Minutes: Marco


Owen summarizes the work of the group for Daniel.

Daniel: how the groups gets its work done? Is there someone who coordinates?

Marco: People take the initiative to do the work they want to do.

Daniel: how does one go about doing translations? Is there any proof?

Owen: if something has been printed then perhaps it should be proofed by it is really at the discretion of the translator. Sometimes it’s a matter of time. The main language here is Spanish.

Marco: we also try to follow a living document policy meaning that if someone thinks that a particular part of the translation is not proper they can go ahead and change it. Nothing is set in stone.

Daniel: Where are the translations?

Owen: Right now most of our work can be found of on the blog.

Marco: perhaps we could start translating “Tidal.”

Greg, a CUNY student in sociology, joins to observe the group.

Daniel: Is there a list of translators.

Marco: Yes, even though it is difficult to see who is still active.

Greg: Is the fact that there are not as many people translating is it kind of a block?

Owen: Most of our translations go on our website online for the rest of the world to see our documents.

Marco: How is the translation of the graphic declaration going?

Owen: I am waiting on the artist to move on the copyright.

Marco: wouldn’t a creative commons license suffice?

Owen: until the artist doesn’t get it down I feel it’s on the back burner.

Daniel: copyright issue is intricate.

Marco: I don’t think that the copyright issue it is something that is slowing us down.

Owen: I am not comfortable to get any language started until the Spanish prototype is done.

Daniel: a solution would be to go by how the author feels.

Owen: I think the artist needs to get this done because we don’t want Coca Cola or anyone like that to appropriate our work.

Daniel: I am going back to Berlin in April but I would still like to continue the translation work.

Meeting is adjourned.

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