Minutes from Translation Working Group 2/18/12

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Present: Marco and Owen with Jaqueline and Susan joining via Skype.

Minutes: Marco


Agenda Items

– general discussion on where we are at in terms of a working group and possible diversification in terms of definition… could Translation be an ongoing project with various facets… a kind of specialized interface to optimize communication in various and often neglected forms.

– Declaration FlowChat Translation Project

– The nycga web site vis a vi Translation

– discussion about SC

– Meetings time/place.

– Access to occupywallst.org.


Declaration FlowChat Translation Project

Owen: we could focus on the project of translating the declaration flowchart

Jaq: we are trying to come up with what the best method of doing that. I have made a few changes to the blog in terms of its structure.

Marco: do we have translators to do this project?

Owen: The Spanish is done, some other languages are promised.

Marco: I will work on the Italian.

Jackie: would it makes sense to have a list of names and languages of what they cover?

Susan: we already have that in a Google Doc.

The nycga web site vis a vi Translation

Jackie: I went to a tech seminar the other day and I kept hearing the word blog. So I went there and tried to make various documents in pdf.

Marco: I think it would be better to have both pdf and text embedded.

Jackie: I am trying to organize the nycga.

Owen reports on last Spokes Council meeting.

Meetings time/place.

Marco: I think we should change meeting day time. I am going to create an online survey where we can choose a better time and place.

Access to occupywallst.org.

Marco: we should figure out how to get access directly di occupywallst.org because right now all our work ends up on the nycga.net blow which is very difficult to find so I will try to contact those who administer the site and find out what’s up with that.

Jackie: I thought that our public face was the blog.

Marco: perhaps, but tech ops says that nycga.net is an intranet.

Owen: we should try to communicate more with one another.

Owen: there is a new internet site for nycga at occupywallstreet.net.

Marco: we should get involved with translations for that site as well.

Posting Agenda Items

Jackie: what are other groups doing?

Marco: most groups seems to post calls for agenda items in the forums.

Consensus: let’s post them in the forum from now on.

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