Minutes from Thursday 10/27 meeting

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We discussed ways to recruit more members, including:
– Possibly nearby college/university students
– Email Joseph Stiglitz, the economist, since he visited OWS and is sympathetic to the cause
– Tfa alumni net?

We discussed the steps we needed to take to achieve working group status?

Questions that arose from the reading (sections 619 and 620 of Dodd-Frank and the congressional record from 7/15/10)
–Are foreign/international banks subject?
–What defines “market-making” as this doesn’t seem to be defined in Dodd-Frank?
-shows up in rule text
-permitted exception for market-making
–Questions on duration:
–long-term illiquid investments f&&ked us last time
–60 days not necessarily a good limit
–why are banking entities allowed to have 3% ownership interest in hedge funds? Why are they even allowed to have that 3%, why not block they entirely?

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