minutes from Movement Building general meeting 11/16/11

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*Movement Building meeting, Nov 16, 2011*
Facilitator: Cari; notes: Ezer
–        Egypt
–        Vision
–        How we deal with the emergency, and build movement from within it.
Cari: it was difficult to get names of ppl in Egypt who were against our
coming. We have the same issues as an entity as they do, apperantly.
Joel: there were a lot of concerns, so the idea of tonight’s discussion was
Michael, Tammy, Cari: who can run the meeting? Various names.
Various pp:l on issue of people involved, conflict of interest, etc.
Joel: I do think it’s important that we go, but not in the way the process
took off.
Tammy: We’re in flux, this is an important time for us to focus on work on
us. We can say we need more time to research… and we can do this in the
Greg: I understand the argument that we don’t want the police to dictate to
us our schedule… right now, we can’t run this just now. We’re not ready to
even have tonight’s meeting. I would propose to reschedule the meeting.
Tammy: I don’t think we can reschedule. We can show up and say half of the
ppl are in jail.
Michael: I think it’s important to have the meeting because we’ve announced
it and ppl care about it. It’s important that we honor the process.
Tammy: our Friday noon movement coordination meeting, we need to get
consensus on Egypt. On the Friday 5pm meeting is when the Egypt project
will be decided.
Joel and Michael: don’t think we should get consensus in MB before.
Cari: I think we’re already in consensus.
Ezer: what are we not in agreement right now?
Tammy: how we deal with conflict of interest of people in the process.
Joel: Whoever is facilitating needs to say
Cari: she never sent the email.
Tammy: the other question is who’s going.
Cari can be there, Tammy and Greg can too.
Micael: can we reach out for more MB ppl?
Michael: to bring conflict of interest issue to Egypt 5pm meeting.
Tammy: Egypt email list needs to be dealt with.
Michael: thinks it’s the right time to build MB groups… my suggestion is to
build an event. You brainstorm ideas, then break out to groups:
butterflies, bees.
Tammy: good idea to do this. Not sure it’s the right time. Would love to do
a strategic map of who holds power and where. Not sure it’s time the right
Joel: for this.
Cari: in different cultures, this kind of forum of butterfly, bee forum
makes people…
Tammy: we’re empowered to do these forums, and people don’t want to come if
they don’t want.
Tammy: there are two ideas here. Cari talks about how to open up and get
people to join us. Michael wants to sit down and think strategically about
how to move forward.
Micael: a breakout discussion can be about how to move on strategic issues.
I’d like MB to grow.
Cari: does anyone here knows the node system?
Joel: Supports the open debate. Redirects bad energy.
[discussion on conflict of interest in Egypt after emails arrive]
*How we go from here (out of the emergency)*
Michael and Ezer: yesterday, we started using the tools that our group’s
made: InterOc, etc. But we need to figure out how to strengthen this. How
to strengthen the emergency response…
Some talk about the subgroup’s problems.
–        Who can bottom line the group? Cari
Joel and Tammy: what the emergency meant and what we can do to strengthen
movement building.
Joel: what did yesterday mean for people? Analysis of yesterday. Police
miscalculated… we lost space but regained it, lost infrastructure
Tammy: It was a targeted effort at many locations. This was movement wide.  All
of our problems are all of our problems.  We could have taken better note
of what happened in Oakland, and prepared better.  When we saw this
happening we could have said , hey this is coming to us to!  Everything
we’ve been doing right helped us now.  We used our channels All of interocc
worked as it should!  We had done prework for Nov 17th.  Concrete steps: We
need to strengthen the interocc.  Interocc nyc needs to meet.  Beef up our
national action, train people thru teachins, video teachins.
Greg: let’s not let the losing of the park to distract us from what we have
going on.  We need to build the channels of communication.  Just keep going
with what is on our plate, and build the channels of communication.
Foreigner: reoccupation was very peaceful.  Was impressed by mic check.  Great
means of communication.  What does consensus mean?  Joel explains.  WE need
a defined strategy.  All should be working together.  There was an absence
of coordination.  Maybe a role for movement building in connecting the
working groups.
Micha, from Toronto: Good to focus on tomorrow.  Perspective that there is
a large contingent of people out there who want to be involved.  We need to
reach out and create channels to them.
Some guy:  Questioning the demographic for this thing?  What are we asking
for tomorrow?  Joel explains.  What are we doing about having people not
work?  General strike is a suggestion.
Eden from Philly: I have a gift for meeting design.  We are doing something
12/10 in Philly.  Diversity training meeting design. Moving forward: I
talked to people who lost everything.  It is hard on people.
Michael: a lot of what we set up as MB worked. Was great. I was supposed to
facilitate a call, and Larry from OcPhilly did. We put up InterOc/action
site. When something bad happens, things can fall apart or galvanize. I
feel like there are ways in which people can plug in… we don’t have enough
ppl working with us at MB. The stuff we’re doing is important, if ppl are
aware of us, we’ll get more help. In terms of InterOc it’s important that
the communiqué gets out.
Micha: guy from London wanted to join the conversation in MB.
Cari: yesterday I was working on the statement. There were women singing on
the police line. They can’t sing, so we need more ppl that can sing. There
are so many powerful tools out there.
Mel from OcLA: I felt that it was a real victory, and ppl around the
country aren’t necessarily seeing that. Ppl seeing this spin, and we need
to get a way to have the word out to ppl that support us.
Tammy: we’re becoming this catch all group, and if we disperse, we won’t do
what we’re supposed to. This issue of plugging in ppl into is really
important but it’s not our job. We started this Egypt thing, and then we
got derailed.
Ezer: supports Tammy. We need to redefine for ourselves every once in a
while… not let the same ppl actually manage more projects.
Michael: I disagree. We started out by building bridges. I thought it was a
first stage, but we need to make more ppl join these new projects. All the
other projects are more exciting.
Joel: I think what we do is important… we need to go on linking to civil
rights groups, labor…
Random dude: I haven’t come to many GAs; I was living in the park. We need
some sort of new structure.
Cari: you need to talk to town planning
Random dude: the symbolism is important. The working groups are not
functional. I know tomorrow is Nov 17, all these things happening…
Mel: so what I heard there that was relevant to the discussion we were
*Action steps:*
We’re going to work on the event – in the next meeting, establish a task
force: agenda item for Tuesday MB meeting. Email will go out.
We need to be doing outreach (?) in NYC or outside…
More people should come to the Dec 6 meeting.
Date time for InterOc meeting: Friday at 11 => Michael sending out the
Resource and response meeting time: undecided. Ezer will call Kobi and
bottom line.

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