Minutes from meeting on 2/24

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Minutes from meeting 2/24

Stuart Leonard, Diane Moxley, Sean Krause, Yoni Miller, Cynthia Price, Marco, Ian Williams

Went over plans for Town Square on 2/26.  Everything is ready.

Discussed occupy Mass. primary on Super Tuesday.  Interest is growing. Diane and Yoni will bottom line.

Discussed involvement in M/17, A/17, and May Day.  Aside from joining in pre-existing actions we may develop some ideas of our own.  Also, can work as an affinity/support group for each other and new members.

Had a heated debate about the NGA and call for an Article 5 constitutional convention.  Our forum is the epicenter for debate on this.  Some expressed outright support.  Some expressed support, but were wary about who’s running the show.  Others were against both period.

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  1. Brit Webwell

    I was reading thru 2/24 Political Action & Impact minutes looking for ideas on how article 5 convention forum can improve itself so those with concerns are more comfortable. Please don’t take me the wrong way. My thoughts are not set in concrete to say this is possible. My only goal would be to reach out to those with concerns and try to reach accomodation. Maybe accomodation can be reached and maybe it can’t. The only way to know is to try. I would do this thru workgroup topics so others with similar thoughts could let their voice be heard.

    The one clear concern is “Who is running National General Assembly?”. That makes a great topic I can work on so I don’t need any more said about such.

    The minutes words where I don’t know what to think state, “Others were against both period.”

    Would it be possble to provide a set of questions similar to above that will give me more insight as to why others are against? I doubt if I need an explanation of these questions. I can just post the question in workgroup and get the insight from those who pose the question.

    You may wonder why I would ask for this. I come from GA’s such as Occupy Florida that use 100% consensus. This takes lots of patience and tremendous respect for those with contrary voices as they may have knowledge others lack. It can be a challenge to hear this knowledge in a non-emotional manner. However, when consensus is reached with this goal, the final proposal is far more robust and is far easier to implement without resistance.