Minutes from meeting on 12/8/11

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Minutes from  PAI meeting on Thurs 12/8, 6pm, at 60 Wall


Attendees:  Josh
Grauer, Ted Actie, Stuart Leonard, Diane Moxley, Leah Weich.

Agenda:  How can we actually be a ‘working’ group?

Josh and Leah came from the Demands Working Group to discuss a special meeting at Zuccotti on Sunday 12/11 at 4pm by the big red weird
thing.  The purpose of this meeting is to gather a bunch of different working groups together and work on problems of redundancy and overlap.  For example: There are two working groups that deal with connections and communications between other occupations throughout the country.  The idea is to establish a ‘solution cluster’ and try to coordinate our efforts to be more effective.  PAI agreed with this and Stuart will attend as a rep.  Ted and Diane will attend if able.

We discussed how PAI might become more effective and attract motivated members. Possible solutions involve creating  coordinated ‘actions’ wherein we reach out to politicians and the public about the group’s position on various issues.  For example:  Opposition and anger regarding
the clause in the Defense Authorization Act. Details still need to be worked out. All agreed that we need group participation to achieve anything.  Sometimes our efforts could be coordinated with efforts by other groups.  If Direct Action is protesting on some specific issue, etc., we act in concord with them.

Our main goal is to reach the people and politicians with our/OWS’ message and create awareness. At this time we will not endorse candidates, but they may endorse us.

Diane had an idea about a group going to New Hampshire for the primary.  She will work on this proposal.

Ted would like to look into educational outreach to local communities, perhaps town hall meetings.  Also, educating the public in general.

We discussed doing actions that have local impact and actions that have a federal impact.

Other solutions include a starting a website where we could release info to the general public.

We should get reps into spokes council.  We will work on a schedule for that, rotating members for our spokes.

All agreed we need to combine patience with progress and should have a workable plan in no more than several weeks.

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